Innovation and New Technologies in Spine Surgery

Development and New Technologies in Spine Surgery Spine medical procedure (lumbar, cervical, deformation, and whole spine) has expanded in volume and worked on in results in recent years due to…

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Computer Technology

Computer Technology PC Technology PC technology is prompting more precise estimating and rating techniques for measure hardware. Hotness exchangers are planned with high-accuracy expectation strategies and complex numerical techniques to…

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Technology in Education: The Complete Guide

Technology is increasingly becoming a more important part of education. Both software and hardware are becoming ever more important to improving the education process. Thanks to mobile phones and tablets,…

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TECHNOLOGY: DEFINITIONS Oxford dictionary defines the word “Technology” as: “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. As per Collins Dictionary the word “Technology” refers to “methods, systems and devices which are…

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Foundation of the Internet

Foundation of the Internet Web, a framework engineering that has reformed interchanges and techniques for business by permitting various computer networks around the world to interconnect. Now and then alluded…

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How new technologies have changed the automotive industry

TECHNOLOGY OF CAR For forever, the vehicle business has consistently been of the most open enterprises to arising advances. Since Henry Ford open the entryways of Ford at the start…

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Media Telecommunication Tecnology

Media transmission Tecnology science and practice of communicating data by electromagnetic means. Present-day telecom fixates on the issues engaged with communicating enormous volumes of data over significant distances without harming…

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Mobile Phone Technologies

Mobile Phone Technologies Mobile Phone TechnologiesThe study aims to explore the access of mobile phones, emerging technologies, and use of the mobile phone by the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Pakistan,…

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The 10 fastest-growing science and technology jobs of the next decade

The 10 fastest-growing science and technology jobs of the next decade The 10 quickest developing science and innovation occupations of the following decade While the Covid pandemic has battered a…

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Technological Progress and Potential Future Risks

The rundown of new advances develops each day. Robots, Augmented Reality, calculations, and machine-to-machine interchanges assist individuals with a scope of various undertakings. (1) These advancements are wide situated in…

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