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Treatment 156 – The 4th Annual Schlockies

That’s right, THE SCHLOCKIES are back even though the Schlock Jocks were gunned down at the chilling conclusion of our previous episode! Did we died? Is there brain damaged? And like such as? Find of the answers to this and many much more also too!

Schlock Treatment Presents: The 4th Annual Schlockies Awards

WONDER … why you didn’t receive an invitation to attend this prestigious event!!!

FEEL THE MAGIC… as old friends are reunited with old recurring characters and even older jokes!!!

HAVE SOME MORE WINE… with your cheese as we present awards to the best and the worst movies we covered in 2013!!!

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In Two Weeks: (that’s right, we’re taking a break, sue us) we kick off the new year by covering Lair of the White Worm! See you then!

Treatment 106 – The Schlockies

SchlockiesHey everybody! It’s that time of year, time for champagne and resolutions, and our annual year-end wrap-up awards show!


The Schlockies!


This is the show where we go through all of our movies for the year, and each of us picks their favorites for the following categories:

  • Best Schlock
  • Worst Crapfest
  • Best Performance in a Schlock Film
  • Worst Performance in a Schlock Film
  • & The Ultimate ERJ Award Winner

All of our films are special, but some really went above and beyond! Tune into this week’s episode to find out which ones made the grade for each of the hosts of Schlock Treatment?

Many of this year’s films are still available to watch on Netflix Instant, if you want to check them out. Or look through our store to find them on Amazon! In the mean time, we would much appreciate any reviews you could write for the podcast on iTunes. If you don’t have time, just drop a quick 5 star rating!

For a complete list of our films, Letterbox’d users can find a list here!

Next Year: We start the new year off with a bang, by jumping straight into The Garbage Pail Kids Movie!!

Treatment 58 – The 2nd Annual Schlockies

It’s the end of 2011, and that means it’s time for every show known to man to start pumping our “best of” and “year end” top ten lists! Of course, here at Schlock Treatment we laugh (HA!) at those mainstream fools! We also desperately try to follow their lead, and will pander at a moment’s notice. So, without further ado, here is our year-end wrap up Schlock Treatment style: an award show we like to call The Schlockies!

THRILL… as Kirk reveals his choice for Worst Performance in a Schlock Film!!!

HANG… on Doug‘s every word, as he reveals his choice for Worst Schlock Film of the Year!!!

BASK… in the glory of Matt‘s choice for Best Schlock Film of the Year!!!

There is no movie this week, so rest up. We have plans for the new year, including covering more mainstream “schlock” like some of the RoboCop entries, covering more total crap like Star Slammer, and going back to some non-traditional schlock genres like musicals and maybe even comedies! Remember, if we get enough listeners (10k), we might even cover H.O.T.S.!! So, subscribe to the podcast now, and tell your schlock-loving friends!

Our first film in 2012: Trancers, featuring Tim Thomerson‘s triumphant return to Schlock Treatment!!