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Treatment 157 – Lair of the White Worm

amanda-donohoeWell, here we are again! Like a twister, we’re winding our way into 2014 with renewed energy, vigor, spirit, and (yes, dear listener) even verve! Actually, we’re our usual selves, but slightly overweight and out of practice after gorging ourselves over the holidays, but six of one thing/a half dozen the other. At least we picked a great movie!

Lair of the White Worm

Yep, this one is basically about Amanda Donahoe slithering her way around the screen and chewing the hell out of the scenery in the process…or in some cases spitting green goo on the scenery. Hugh Grant and Peter Capaldi also make appearances, but they are nowhere near as interesting.

On the show, this week: Kirk gets fan mail, Marc makes his return, Matt makes a sudden departure, and Doug whistles a happy tune!

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Treatment 93 – Lifeforce

The obvious questions is: can a bad film be saved by the fact that the lead actress is completely nude in nearly every scene? No film is quite as qualified to answer that question as this one.


The answer, of course, was a resounding “maybe!” Mathilda May‘s ample assets certainly doesn’t subtract from the success of this film. In addition there’s the great Patrick Stewart in a small, but scene-chewing, role! So, this movie sound’s great, right? Unfortunately, there’s also Steve Railsback and Golan & Globus.

SUCK… the essence from yet another scene-by-scene analysis by Marc, Doug, and Kirk!!

BAFFLE… at another failed joke attempt by Marc, whose addled brain doesn’t quite manage it!!!

STAB… another hour of boredom in the heart with a giant steel sword!!! Actually, you should stab it just below the heart, where the soul is stored.

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