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Treatment 201 – RoboCop the 3rd


The third week of Thanks But No Thanks, on the tails of Marc’s triumphant return, finds the fellas with the Ghost of Don Pardo, discovering what the heart truly wants, fumbling with math, song names and Police Academy sequel titles, all in service of Kirk’s pick…

RoboCop 3!

Wrestler count this week: 1, Sting. Fried chicken commercial count: 1, RoboCop.

Kirk invents a new species of robutt!

Doug reboots every movie soundtrack ever!

Matt reveals the white man’s devil’s secret weakness!

Next week: No surprise this time, as Marc McDonald returns with his TBNT pick, The NeverEnding Story!!!

Treatment 199 – Head (The Monkees)

We kick off the second annual Thanks but No Thanks with Doug’s pick, the trippy, wacky, kicky, daffy feature film debut and demise of the Monkees…


We also tackle TV law grammar, Dicks/Tudyks maths, and, in a new feature, we’re keeping track of pro wrestlers referenced per podcast. This week’s is really stacked, featuring, in order of mention: Al Snow, Mankind, the Undertaker, Yokozuna, Mulk Mogan (the guy in the Lucy and Ramona video), Hulk Hogan, and “Rowdy Roddy” Piper.

Matt reveals his character lineup for playing Police Academy with his brother!

Kirk creates the Varmel Universe© featuring War-Man© and Iron Machine©!

Doug finds a disturbing amount of common ground with Matt’s dad!

Next week: it’s Matt’s pick, and the extra-special 200th episode, the long awaited, much anticipated, mammarily exacerbated H.O.T.S.!