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Treatment 242 – Rocky IV

screenshot32606This week, we hit the ring with some very special guests! There was no other way to close out the knockdown, drag-out bout that was Stallonetember than to bring in Maggie Serota and Danielle Henderson and go mano a mano with…

Rocky IV!

Danielle lives out loud and reveals a shocking tattoo!

Maggie gets spiritual with Rocky, and Matt learns the meaning of Christmas!

Doug sends a special message to Mr. Gorbachev!

Next week: Stallonetember, AKA the best month in history, is behind us, and Schlocktober kicks in! You’ve heard us talk about this series, and next week we get into it: Friday the 13th! We’re recovering episodes Cupid’s Quiver and Faith Healer!

Treatment 241 – Rambo: First Blood II


This week, Schlock Treatment Company goes back for the forgotten, the one no one wants to remember, the one they called a failure. We wade deep into the jungles of Stallonetember to engage in a rescue mission of…

Rambo: First Blood Part II!

Doug works out where the Red Dawn alternate history timeline diverged!

Matt makes some brilliant observations on torture pants!

Next week: Stallonetember comes to its thrilling conclusion! We’re joined by Maggie Serota and Danielle Henderson as we duke it out with Rocky IV!

Treatment 239 – Judge Dredd (1995)

rob-schneider-judge-dreddThe Matt & Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, kicks off its annual tradition of calling September some other word that starts with S-tember. This year, you’re in for a real treat, because it’s Stallonetember! We’re running hard out of the gate, too, into the near future┬ádystopia of…

Judge Dredd!

Doug sentences Stallone to star in the greatest biopic of all time!

Matt submits evidence on Judge Dredd’s 1,000 Strange Choices!

Next week: Stallonetember tunnels ahead as we try to reach Daylight!

Treatment 82 – Over the Top

When we saw this movie was streaming, we rushed across the country to pick it up from military school so that we could try to rebuild our relationship with it after being separated from it for a very long time. We even brushed our teeth!

Over the Top

Yep, Sly Stallone is back! And he’s in another self-penned, underdog tale that’s dripping with melodrama and montages! It’s also got a kid named Mike Hawk, which we can’t seem to let go of as we talk about it.

MEET US HALFWAY… as we start another episode with an argument between Matt & Marc!!!

BELIEVE… in the power of stuff, as Doug does his Jeff Goldblum impression!!!

GO OVER THE TOP… as Kirk talks about the art of truck cab snuggling!!!

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Next Week: We begin our month-long series of Billy Zane movies, in a little something Kirk calls “InZane Julylum!” Our first movie is the mediocre superhero effort, The Phantom!

Treatment 76 – Staying Alive

Is this still part of our series on bad sequels? We’re not sure anymore, we’re a bit shell-shocked. Sure enough, though, this is a sequel to the classic disco drama, Saturday Night Fever.

Staying Alive

Like our other sequels, this one doesn’t quite live up to it’s predecessor’s legacy. Travolta is back, but this time he’s scantily clad, sweaty, wearing headbands and loin cloths, and prancing around Broadway! It doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

WORK IT… as the Doug and Kirk talk about the double meaning behind Satan’s Alley!!!

CHASSE… across the stage, as Matt and Marc talk about the director’s resemblance to Kenny Loggins!!!

WIGGLE… your jazz hands in appreciation for Kirk‘s amazing Hoggle impression, as conversation somehow wanders to Labyrinth!!!

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Next Treatment: We’re going back to some goofy horror, with Slugs!

Treatment 66 – Death Race 2000

This episode finds us blasting back into the seventies, and facing up to some social commentary. But, don’t worry, we temper that with plenty of bad jokes, boobs, and (of course) arguments between the schlock-docs!

Death Race 2000

Yes, it’s the cult classic from 1975, not the pale imitation from 2008. David Carradine manages to bewilder us by being cast in yet another role as a tough guy. Stallone chews the scenery with aplomb! And, we get to see lots of violence, nudity, and (no so) rad race cars!

ZOOM… into this episode as Matt starts us off with complete bewilderment about what’s going on in this plot, and nobody supports him!!!

SHIFT… into high gear, as everyone reveals their favorite racers, and thus allows a glimpse deep into their psyche!!!

SCREAM… across the finish line, as Kirk finishes the episode with another failed joke, and Matt sees weakness and pounces!!!

All this is yours, for the low, low price of nothing!!! If you haven’t seen Death Race 2000, you can find it streaming on Netflix. You can also find it available to watch in full on YouTube! If that’s not good enough for you, you can find the DVD in our store! Also, if you feel up to it, we would love you to drop us a 5-star rating on iTunes, and then subscribe to the podcast!

Next week’s Treatment: We kick of our theme month of Large March (get it?), where we cover a fleet of truck-drivin’ movies, with the classic CONVOY!