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Treatment 232- Baywatch/Baywatch Nights

hqdefaultThis week finds our heroes in the most dangerous place they’ve traveled to date: Venice Beach! The Matt and Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, aka the New New Rockers, aka Cool Sandwich Bros., have a lot on their plate (besides sandwiches). We’re nose-to-nose with world champion wrestlers, unfrozen viking warriors, and skin cancer when we sail to…

Baywatch & Baywatch Nights!

Matt and Doug try to puzzle out why Baywatch Nights happened!

Doug comes to the table with a new character…who should have come around the week prior!

Matt uncovers some secrets Mario Van Peebles would rather stay hidden!

Next week: Returning guest Maggie Serota wants the airwaves, baby, so The X-Files stays alive! Believe in Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose and  Bad Blood, because they’re out there!

Treatment 231 – Quincy Vice, M.E. (Miami Examiner)

mve18-25We went from a full house with thepinksmoke.com fellows last week to an empty nest this week, but that’s OK, because it’s time for Summer Reruns! It’s our annual trip back in time to an age of just watching whatever was on TV at that moment. Truly our civilization has come far since the early 1990s. We kick this off in the seedy underbelly of Miami and the nondescript coast of the “Republic of San Christos” with…

Miami Vice and Quincy, M.E.!

Doug shocks Matt with a dramatic opening!

Matt unveils his shocking theory on the identities of Zito and Switek!

Matt and Doug swap Phillip Michael Thomas career knowledge!

Next week: It’s summertime, so were headed for the beach! We’re not just staying for the day, though. We’ll start with a Bash at Baywatch, the stick around for another on Baywatch Nights!

Treatment 135 – Jem & GI Joe


Our summer of television, that we’re calling Summer Reruns, continues! We did sci-fi, we did action, so now we’re remembering two after school classics!

Jem & GI Joe!!!

Both of these were requested, and both are amazing in their own special way. Of course, I can’t really talk much about it, since I ended up not watching these in time for the show. In the words of Rick Perry: “Oops.”

THRILL… as we reveal the utter slackitude of one of the guys (it’s Marc)!!!

GASP… as Matt reveals his confusion about the difference between a boat and a car!!!

WONDER… at the continued adventures of the Cool Sandwich Bros and the Pink Ladies to their T-Birds, the Hot Pizza Sluts!!!

As always, these shows are available on Netflix Instant. Also, please head over to iTunes and drop us a review, it would be much appreciated! If you’re from another country, we need a heads-up that you wrote us a review, so we can read it on the show. If you’re a Stitcher user, we would very much appreciate you adding us to your favorites, and giving us thumbs up!

Next Week: Summer Reruns come to a resounding close, with a return to Kolchak:The Night Stalker (Episode “Mr. R.I.N.G.) and a very special visit to The Rockford Files (Episode “The Hammer of C Block”)!!!