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Treatment 99 – Creepshow 2

Schlocktober comes slamming to an amazing close, with the movie that you, the listener, picked over all others!! Yes, you voted for it! So, if you’re thinking of holding us responsible, don’t even try it. You wanted this horrendous pile of shit, and you got it. You got exactly what you deserved, you little creeps! And no more wire hangers!!!

Creepshow 2

This one features George Kennedy, and that’s the closest thing to star power it has. Stephen King is up to his old tricks again. And by “tricks” we mean “awful, cliched, boring stories that have the literary merit of a dead baby joke.” Thanks, Stephen King.

THRILL… as Kirk reveals his new guide to making jokes the Kirk way, called “Kirk’sHow 2!!”

SCREAM… in terror, as Doug tries his Vaudeville routine, but Kirk fucks it up!!!

CRINGE… horribly, as the guys discuss the pros and cons of putting date rape in your film!!!

As usual, we make sure to cover something that’s streaming, so you can see Creepshow 2 on Netflix Instant! Head on over and watch it! We also have it available to rent on demand from Amazon! Check our store for links to that and the DVD! Also, be sure to head to iTunes and leave us a review for the podcast!

Next Week: It’s our 100th episode!!! Holy crap! To celebrate, we’re re-visiting the movie that started it all in Episodes 1 & 2, She!! Join us to see how our views have changed, and to find out what Matt thinks of our inaugural film!


Treatment 71 – Maximum Overdrive

Finally, at long last, we come to the end of Large March!

That means we have finally reached the end of our month of truck-related films, and not a moment too soon! After sitting through some of the most boring, uneventful pieces of pure dreck ever committed to celluloid, we round out our month with a Stephen King film!

Maximum Overdrive

This one features King directing his own work, so you know it’s going to be awful! We have soda machines shooting cans out with enough force to kill, hypnotic video game machines, and (of course) a truck with a giant goblin head on the front. We also have Emilio Estevez and Pat Hingle surrounded by guns, rednecks, and poop jokes!

FLOOR IT… as the guys start the show reading one of the strangest bit of reader mail ever!!!

GUN THE ENGINE… of Large March as we laugh at what may be some of the most ridiculous inconsistencies in a story ever!!!

EXPLODE… in a giant ball of fire, as we mark the end of Large March with the awarding of an ERJ Award!!!

Maximum Overdrive is available in full on You Tube, if you know how to search for it. If you don’t (like all of the co-hosts of this podcast), you can just go here. We couldn’t find it streaming on Amazon, but we did find the DVD version for a pretty good price, which you can find in our store!

As always, be sure to look for the podcast iTunes, write us a review, and subscribe for more fun next week!!!

Next Treatment: After the horror of Large March, we don’t learn our lesson at all and dive straight into another theme!! This time we’re doing “bad sequels to good movies!” And we are starting it off with a much needed bang, and Conan the Destroyer! So tune in next time!

Treatment 46 -Creepshow

Welcome to Schlocktober, everyone! You spoke and we listened. Today, on our 1 year anniversary, we start our coverage of the listener chosen horror films from our Schlocktober Poll! The first film, is the 3rd place winner!


It’s a star-studded, goofball, schlock horror film in the tradition of old horror comics. It’s also our first anthology film! Yep, it’s got a zombie father segment, an alien plant segment, a murder by drowning segment, a monster in a crate segment, and a creepy cockroach segment. We cover them all one-by-one, and almost manage to avoid fighting with each other in the process!

THRILL… as Matt expresses his wish for the death of Adrienne Barbeau…because of her hair!!!

SCREAM… with frustration as the guys endlessly debate what’s required for something to be funny!!!

WONDER… at the amazing guest appearance by Doug‘s grumbling stomach at minute 55!!

As usual, Creepshow is streaming on Netflix Instant. You can also stream it for free if you have an Amazon Prime account! Find it on Amazon through our store. We also dropped the soundtrack and the DVD into the store, if you’re interested. So go check it out, and then join us on the podcast for this week’s episode!

Next Week: We continue our Schlocktober horror extravaganza with Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell! We’re also joined by Jon Cross, of The After Movie Diner podcast!