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Treatment 224 – Leprechaun 4: In Space


Space, the final frontier, and Matt and Doug have now been on a nearly five year mission. We’ve never  had a close encounter like this before, though, except that one time in the Hood. Join us as we journey beyond the rim of the starlight, as we vivisect…

Leprechaun 4: In Space!

Matt and Doug LAUNCH into tales of the days of classic rock and/or roll music!

Matt ILLUMINATES the Leprechaun to proper villainy!

Doug ROCKETS into a postulation on space princess fashions!

Next week: We’re doing it, you guys. We owe it to you, so we’re making good on last year’s promise. We’re going to watch… The Master of Disguise!

Treatment 193- Explorers

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.08.31 PM
Three friends, a dork, a hopeless dreamer, and an all-around badass embark on an incredible journey to go farther than anyone else has ever gone. No, it’s not Kirk, Matt, and Doug (well, it is…) but it’s also this week’s movie starring River Phoenix, Ethan Hawke, and a third kid who is cooler than those first two somehow. It’s 1985’s


Matt adds a brand-new character to the mix, The Perverted Robot Producer!

Doug gives an economics lesson on Bitcoin!

Kirk gets caught up in Dick Miller’s failed dreams!

Next week: The Miners take over for Richard Chamberlain as Allan QuarterMINE in King Solomon’s Mines!