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Treatment 255 – Ninja III: The Domination

Ninja-III-Domination-1984We’re back after a three-week dry spell for this first podcast of 2016! Matt could unfortunately not join us, but we called in a pair of big guns for backup. A couple of regulars and old friends stop by to help us stand up to…

Ninja III: The Domination!

Abby picks up on the litany  of Golan-Globus’ “influences” behind their choices!

Marcus finds the scene that Roman Polanski ripped off from Ninja III!

Doug reminisces on days spent at the sword store!

Next time: No show next week again, but then we’ll get to the DMX classic, Cradle 2 the Grave!

Treatment 63 – Enter the Ninja

"It's a living!"

The great Sho Kosugi and the wondrous Franco Nero make their triumphant returns to Schlock Treatment in this episode! It’s a movie that we’ve been wanting to cover since the inception of the show!

Enter the Ninja

Yep, it’s another cheesy ninja film, and it’s every bit as awful as the other Sho Kosugi films we’ve seen. There are pointless backflips, unconvincing white ninja masters, ridiculous uses of ninja weaponry, and plenty of villains in white suits!

FLIP… for ninjas that will only kill for “good causes” and issue a “license” to ninja!!!

SNAP… the neck of boredom as the guys discuss the embarrassment of wearing a wet white ninja outfit, and the strange world of ninja sartorial choices!!!

EXPLODE… pointless clouds of smoke around the idea of properly wording one of those jokes where you say “Marc puts the [x] in [something with ‘x’ in it]!!!” (Apparently some people don’t have to make sense to get laughs.)

As always, this week’s film is available on Netflix Instant! You can also look for Enter the Ninja on demand or on DVD from Amazon through our store! Please be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and drop us a rating if you can!

Next week’s episode: Tim Curry, Ernie Hudson, and Bruce Campbell return to the show in the famously bad Crichton adaptation, Congo!!


Treatment 36 -Pray for Death

Sho Kosugi makes a triumphant return to Schlock Treatment with another 80s ninja movie that bears a striking similarity to the movie in Treatment #2!

Pray for Death

It’s your standard ninja-moves-to-Houston-to-open-a-restaurant-and-ends-up-with-a-dead-wife-and-a-kid-in-the-hospital-due-to-getting-mixed-up-with-mobsters-and-has-to-exact-vigilante-justice type of film. Nothing new here.

FLIP… for another episode beginning with Marc in a bad mood, and Doug and Matt laughing about it!!!

SLICE… through the bull, as Matt and Doug reveal their relative disinterest in martial arts cinema!!!

STALK… victims along with Doug, Matt, and Marc as they take down Japanese kids, actors who write their own screenplays, Texans, incompetent cops, and Randy Quaid?!?!

You can find Pray for Death on Netflix Instant, as always. Also, check our store and find it in the DVD section, if you’re so inclined. Also, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and while you’re there…maybe drop us a review! Thanks and enjoy this week’s episode!!

Next Week’s Prescription: Overkill starring Aaron Norris, brother of Chuck!!

Treatment 2 – Revenge of the Ninja

We’re back with another painful dose of schlock, and it’s a doozey! As prescribed, this time it’s 80s karate sensation Sho Kosugi in Revenge of the Ninja!

It’s the 80s, the decade of bad taste, and a movie that begins with the promise of awesome ninja action only manages to deliver a goofy lineup of weird techniques, weirder thugs, and unlikely martial masters. That and bland architectural styling.

THRILL…as we analyze the art of ninja camouflage!!

GASP IN AMAZEMENT….as we talk frankly about the post-mortem coital lock!!

LAUGH…as we heap scorn upon ninja ultra-preparedness!!

This episode is a long one, almost as long as the actual movie! So, settle in with a box of popcorn, and enjoy this weeks Schlock Treatment!