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Treatment 258 – Catwoman

Cbi8KqqVAAEyUkNLast week’s He-Man retroactively started an impromptu month or so of superhero movies. We’ll do that sometimes. The second week, though, is a real third tier take on a top level supervillain, presented here as maybe the hero? Anyway, we’re taking down the last eight lives of…


Matt and Doug work on new intros to the podcast and trailer sections!

Matt nails the director’s inspiration for the film’s direction!

Doug finds the creators’ one and only source of Catwoman knowledge!

Next week: Our semi-feminist superhero streak continues with cartoon come to life, the futuristic Aeon Flux!

Treatment 194 – King Solomon’s Mines

Allan Quatermain et les mines du roi Salomon

Joining the pantheon of Schlock Treatment heroes, alongside Dr. Elson Po, Shakma, and John, comes Richard Chamberlain as Allan Quatermain! While you listen, why not delve into our ratings and reviews to leave us five stars and whatever you feel like saying about us? As long as you’re down there, let’s check out…

King Solomon’s Mines

Kirk introduces Triumph the Beatnik Dracula!

Matt doowops phony-baloney African names!

Doug Southern-fries a Christmas classic!

Next week: Join us in an adventure of (Van) Ragnarokian proportions when we  discover who’s Never Too Young to Die!