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Treatment 239 – Judge Dredd (1995)

rob-schneider-judge-dreddThe Matt & Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, kicks off its annual tradition of calling September some other word that starts with S-tember. This year, you’re in for a real treat, because it’s Stallonetember! We’re running hard out of the gate, too, into the near future dystopia of…

Judge Dredd!

Doug sentences Stallone to star in the greatest biopic of all time!

Matt submits evidence on Judge Dredd’s 1,000 Strange Choices!

Next week: Stallonetember tunnels ahead as we try to reach Daylight!

Treatment 201 – RoboCop the 3rd


The third week of Thanks But No Thanks, on the tails of Marc’s triumphant return, finds the fellas with the Ghost of Don Pardo, discovering what the heart truly wants, fumbling with math, song names and Police Academy sequel titles, all in service of Kirk’s pick…

RoboCop 3!

Wrestler count this week: 1, Sting. Fried chicken commercial count: 1, RoboCop.

Kirk invents a new species of robutt!

Doug reboots every movie soundtrack ever!

Matt reveals the white man’s devil’s secret weakness!

Next week: No surprise this time, as Marc McDonald returns with his TBNT pick, The NeverEnding Story!!!

Treatment 164 – Escape From L.A.

BuscemiMarch, brings Women’s History Month, and in tribute we decided to make an effort to break-up the sausage-fest that is our podcast with a month full of awesome female guests! Taking the lead is Maggie Serota, from the Lowtimes Podcast, who knocks it out of the park with her choice for this week’s film!

Escape From L.A.

Kurt Russell chews some scenery in this incredibly camp sequel to the (much better) Escape From N.Y.! It features a cast of greats, like Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Valeria Golino, Pam Grier, Stacy Keach, Bruce Campbell and MORE! It also features some of the dumbest scenes in cinema history!

This Week: Maggie flaunts her podcasting fortune, and drops some serious Carpenter knowledge! Matt is on his best behavior, but still slips in some miners!! Kirk drops some golden one-liners, but is barely audible!! And Doug IS Snake Plissken!!

Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, so that you’re with us for special guest Abby Denson and her film choice, The Apple!

Treatment 152 – Zapped!

zappedIt’s the final week in our Thank, But No Thanks series, where each of us gets to choose a movie that nobody else can veto. The effect is to torture everyone, pretty much. Anyway, not wishing to be outdone, Matt chooses a real doozy this week!


Yep, Charles is in charge here, and he’s a nerd with telekinesis. This means he pops open girls blouses, and levitates cleaning equipment. We are all super hot on this film, as you can well imagine.

GASP… as Doug reveals his impressive drug knowledge by knowing what the acronym NORML stands for!!!

THRILL… when Matt introduces a new character to compliment the miners…it’s the major!!!

GASP SOME MORE… when Kirk reveals what state he used to go to and get drunk!!!

As always, find Zapped! on Netflix Instant. You can, of course, also find our show on iTunes. Please go there and write a review, thanks! Also, be sure to subscribe for December!

In TWO WEEKS: After a week off (due to Thanksgiving) December starts with a bang featuring Jingle All the Way, and special guest Abby Denson!!!

Treatment 149 – The American Astronaut

americanastronautSchlocktober has come and gone, and though we may look back in shame occasionally, we also look forward with newfound optimism to November and our newest theme: Thanks, but No Thanks!! Don’t worry though, that optimism is crushed (for some of us, anyway) right out of the gate!

The American Astronaut

This is a weird one, kids. Doug chose this one as the first person to go in our attempts to torture one-another. What else can we say, but damn he’s good! Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the whole conceit of this month was more designed to torture just me…

THRILL… as the listener feedback pours in on the contentious topic of Herbert West!!

GASP… as Matt reveals his penchant for bathroom dancing!!!

WONDER… as Kirk does his sound effect of the week, and Doug does his miner impression of the week!!!

You can find The American Astronaut on Netflix Instant, as usual. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe to the show, and drop us a review! If you’re one of those anti-Apple people, you can find us on Stitcher.

Next Week: Kirk makes his choice for “Thanks but No Thanks” month, and it’s Godzilla’s Revenge!!!

Treatment 142 – King Kong (’76)


You know, once in a while you need a little break. And this break seems to have done us well, because we’re back with a vengeance in this latest episode!

King Kong (’76)

Yes, our “Simiantember” all-monkey/ape themed month continues with us wondering what the hell we were thinking! Of course, we couldn’t pay homage to apes without talking about the king of them all, and the giant gorilla makes his Schlock Treatment debut with the 1976 version. Of course, we had to choose the decade that would bring us Jeff Bridges in flared jeans, and Jessica Lange in men’s clothing!

THRILL… as the guys start the episode with a rollicking mailbag segment…for a change!!!

GASP… as Kirk is fixated on miners, and brings them up constantly!!!

WONDER… as Doug and Marc bicker over the Uni-bomber, and Matt tries to break it up!!!

The movie is always available streaming on Netflix, as is our wont. In fact, we go out of our way to find stuff that you can easily watch yourself, so DO IT!!! Also, please head over to iTunes and write us a review or subscribe to the podcast! If you’re anti-apple, you can also find us on Stitcher!

Next Week: We continue Monkey Month with another member of the ape family. It’s Project X, starring Helen Hunt, some dorky looking ape…and a chimpanzee!!