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Treatment 148 – Re-Animator

ReAnimatorAll we can really and truly say, for this our final Schlocktober film is that you asked for it!!!


Some would call it a modern classic. Some would say it’s a pillar of the horror community. Some would call it sheer genius. Still others, apparently, would not. Prepare yourself for some inane bickering of the highest order!

GAPE… as Matt and Marc commence what will surely be a legendary argument in the annals of Schlock Treatment!!!

GASP… for breath as it lasts endlessly, despite Doug‘s best efforts to move things along!!!

CRY OUT… for mercy when Kirk joins the fray for a few heroic seconds but must immediately back away from the searing heat of THE POINTLESS ARGUMENT!!!

As always, you can find Re-Animator on Netflix Instant. Feel free to watch it, if you haven’t already, and then head to the comments section below, where there will no doubt be some lively side-taking! Or, just head to iTunes and write us a review! We love them!!!

Next Week: We start November as “Thanks but No Thanks” month! Each Schlock Jock will be allowed to choose one film to torture the others with, for which they will have NO VETO POWER!!! First in line is Doug, who chose The American Astronaut!

Treatment 147 – The People Under the Stairs

McGillSchlocktober continues, and in fine horror film tradition we decide to split up! Yeah, Matt unexpectedly couldn’t make it for this week’s recording, but don’t worry, because we still manage to have a 20 minute mail segment. Except this time, we’re generally nice to the people who write in. Funny, that.

The People Under the Stairs

This week’s movie is widely considered to be part of the “urban horror” genre, because it has some black characters in it! One of those characters is played by the amazing Ving Rhames, but it also has…that guy! Also, be sure not to miss Everett McGill in a gimp suit!

THRILL… as Doug makes a Snackwells Cookie joke, and it breaks Marc up!!!!

SCREAM… in terror, as Kirk get’s a lot of rather positive feedback and does a Matt impression!!!

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… when Marc compares the movie to the TV show Webster!!!

As usual, find the movie on Netflix Instant. We make a point of watching movies that you, the listener, can easily find and watch! Also, if you can, please find us in iTunes and write us a review! Thanks to the folks who wrote new reviews recently, we read them in the mail segment on this very episode. Also, if you’re a stitcher user, please favorite us!

Next Week: It’s the ultimate Schlocktober film from our poll! The winner by a landslide was Re-Animator!!! Yes, we are looking forward to it, so stay tuned!

Treatment 146 – Dreamscape

DreamscapeIt’s week two of Schlocktober, and as we work our way down the listener’s poll, we get closer and closer to giving you the listener exactly what you want the most. I mean, Re-Animator, you sick-o!

Anyhoo, before we can get to the number one pick, we get to work through the other titles, and that means this week is time for the number 3 choice!!


Dennis Quaid stars in this film that causes lots of controversy amongst the guys this week! Seriously, there is arguing galore! Well…there’s mostly arguing between Marc and Matt, but you get the idea.

DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP… when the mail segment devolves into a 30 minute side-track about iTunes and Orville Redenbacher!!!

SHIFT UNEASILY… when Marc complains about Donald Pleasance not being in this film, and this makes Matt rather angry!!!

AWAKE SCREAMING… when Doug and Matt take a stand against this film, calling it “not horror,” Marc argues that he was scared, and Kirk tells everyone about his insect nightmares!!!

You can find all of the Schlocktober films on Netflix Instant, for now! So, head over there to see them all! Also, I almost don’t dare to mention iTunes after this week’s episode. But, you get the idea. If you’re into Stitcher, we also appreciate people boosting our ranking there by favoriting us and giving us thumbs up!

Next Week: The Poll’s second runner up is next, with The People Under the Stairs!!!


Treatment 145 – Piranha ’78

PiranhaActionHooray! It’s SCHLOCKTOBER!!!

And, as is our tradition, we watch a slew of awful horror films that you, the listener, selected in our Schlocktober Poll! And who could possibly not be excited, happy, and looking forward to such a fun thing?!? Well, Matt, of course. But who besides Matt? Nobody! So without further ado, your fourth place film from the poll!

Piranha ’78

Yes, it’s yet another killer animal film from the seventies!! Man, did they have issues with nature back then, or what?!? Anyway, this one’s all about killer fish, and features lots of people making very stupid decisions. Also, some occasional boobs, and some occasional fish making “nom nom” noises as they devour people.

DIVE… into an amazing mailbag segment that’s full of people talking all about Creep Van, for some weird reason!!!

WADE… right off the deep end, when the guys discuss how to kill fish, and Doug consults General Electric!!!

SINK… your teeth into yet another episode where Matt criticises Kirk, Marc criticizes Matt, and Kirk consults “Genital Electric!!!”

This week’s movie is available streaming on Netflix, if you want to check it out. Also, if you’re enjoying the podcast, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE on iTunes! Also, drop us a rating, while you’re at it! Every rating helps us to get noticed by other listeners. If you’re a Stitcher user, be sure to favorite us!

Next Week: We head into week 2 of Schlocktober, and the 3rd place winner, Dreamscape!

It’s Coming for You! It’s… SCHLOCKTOBER ’13


It’s almost that time of year again! And that means it’s listener poll time! The number of good schlocky horror flicks available streaming seems to be at an all time low, but we still managed to scrape 13 of them together for you! Check out the poll, pick your favorite 4 from the 13, and the top four movies on the poll will be covered in the month of October!

Choose any FOUR movies to cover for Schlocktober '13!!!

  • Re-Animator (44%, 51 Votes)
  • The People Under the Stairs (39%, 45 Votes)
  • Dreamscape (38%, 44 Votes)
  • Piranha (35%, 41 Votes)
  • The Howling III: The Marsupials (35%, 41 Votes)
  • House (33%, 38 Votes)
  • Pet Semetary (32%, 37 Votes)
  • Ghoulies (30%, 35 Votes)
  • Brain Dead (28%, 33 Votes)
  • Moon of the Wolf (27%, 31 Votes)
  • Tales from the Hood (22%, 26 Votes)
  • Hellgate (13%, 15 Votes)
  • Sorority House Massacre (9%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 116

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Treatment 99 – Creepshow 2

Schlocktober comes slamming to an amazing close, with the movie that you, the listener, picked over all others!! Yes, you voted for it! So, if you’re thinking of holding us responsible, don’t even try it. You wanted this horrendous pile of shit, and you got it. You got exactly what you deserved, you little creeps! And no more wire hangers!!!

Creepshow 2

This one features George Kennedy, and that’s the closest thing to star power it has. Stephen King is up to his old tricks again. And by “tricks” we mean “awful, cliched, boring stories that have the literary merit of a dead baby joke.” Thanks, Stephen King.

THRILL… as Kirk reveals his new guide to making jokes the Kirk way, called “Kirk’sHow 2!!”

SCREAM… in terror, as Doug tries his Vaudeville routine, but Kirk fucks it up!!!

CRINGE… horribly, as the guys discuss the pros and cons of putting date rape in your film!!!

As usual, we make sure to cover something that’s streaming, so you can see Creepshow 2 on Netflix Instant! Head on over and watch it! We also have it available to rent on demand from Amazon! Check our store for links to that and the DVD! Also, be sure to head to iTunes and leave us a review for the podcast!

Next Week: It’s our 100th episode!!! Holy crap! To celebrate, we’re re-visiting the movie that started it all in Episodes 1 & 2, She!! Join us to see how our views have changed, and to find out what Matt thinks of our inaugural film!