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Treatment 235 – Hell Comes to Frogtown


With Matt away this week, Doug invited a few people over to Schlock Industries for an impromptu wake of one of our heroes, the late Roddy Piper. Amazingly, this is only our second Piper movie (we started at the top). Join Doug, Abby, Marcus, and the LeopardactylsKirk and Rollie, as we scavenge the nuke-blasted future of…

Hell Comes to Frogtown!

We discuss wrestling action figures, about which Abby makes a massive faux pas!

We talk Piper’s wrestling tactics and accomplishments, leading to Virgil getting an inordinate amount of podcast time!

Targets falling under our scrutiny include [name redacted], film violence “for women’s own good,” and the iWatch!

Next week: We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, and special guest Danielle Henderson takes us to a Madhouse (a madhouse)!

Treatment 100!!! – She (revisited)

It’s finally here!

Sandy did her darnedest, and managed to delay us a week. We’ve fought power outages, flooding, gas shortages, and all pop-tart diets. But, now, finally we are back and bringing you a very special 100th Episode! Special in the sense that we’re covering a movie we already covered once. That’s special, right?


Yes, She was the very first film we covered. You can still find that episode (and part 2, episode 2) here on the website, but we don’t recommend it. It’s long and rambling, and the audio is horrifyingly bad! She, on the other hand, is amazingly good! We call it one of the best schlock movies of all time!

REMINISCE… with the guys, as they talk about their early effort at covering the film, and Matt aptly compares it to the KTMA season of MST3k!!!

BUILD… on the legend that is Schlock Treatment with several new running gags, and soon-to-be-call-backs!!!

CELEBRATE… 100 episodes of rambling podcasting, as we derail yet another episode, this time with a meandering discussion about Yes and chess!!!

She is (still) available on Netflix, even after all this time! We encourage you to check it out, since it’s hilarious. It’s probably still available in our store, even! Also, please head to iTunes and write us a review! It should be your 100th episode gift to us!

Next Treatment: We kick off our second hundred episodes with something different, by heading back to the small screen! Be sure to check out Episodes 5 & 6 of MacGyver Season 1, now streaming on Netflix!!!

Treatment 43 – Xanadu

What can we say about this week’s movie, except maybe: What. The. Fuck?!?!


This film is a bit hard to pin down. It’s certainly unlike any we’ve done so far. It’s not sci-fi, it’s not horror, it’s not sword and sorcery, it’s not chop sockey, and it’s not an action fest. It defies every genre label we have yet used! So, I guess we had to add “musical” and “fantasy” to the tag listings to help pin this one down. But also “cartoon” (part of it) and “roller skating!” Intrigued yet? How about tossing in Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, and the Electric Light Orchestra?! SOLD!

SKATE… through a series of obscure references, as Matt explains every joke!!!

GLOW… with the joy of twelve year-old humor, as Kirk and Doug discuss Gene Kelly‘s years in the Navy!!!

SING… along with everyone, as they all (at least once) break into song at some point in this episode!!!

It’s all there, and so much more! There are shout outs, and call backs, and totally off topic side tracks! Everything you’ve come to expect from the podcast! You can find the movie on Netflix to Watch Instantly, and you can also find it streaming on Amazon through our store! Also, check the store for the DVD or to download the totally rad soundtrack!

Coming Next Week: Many Schlockers are eagerly anticipating Streets of Fire! It has Willem DaFoe, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, and Michael Pare…among many more! Be sure to queue it up!

Treatment 1 (pt. 2) –She

XenonERJ Award
And now the thrilling conclusion to the saga of SHE!! This episode still has some of the audio issues of the first, but they disappear partway through where we rerecorded the lost ending to the episode. We pick up in part two just after our discussion of the werewolf toga party, and dive right into the discussion of Godan, the sadistic telekinetic.

And, of course, the episode wouldn’t be complete without our discussing XENON! Hands down the most annoying character in the film, and the winner of our first ever Ernie Reyes Jr. Award for annoying performances. Congrats, Xenon!

Listen below by clicking on the media player.

Treatment 1 (pt. 1) -She

Yep, it’s finally here! Despite endless audio difficulties, we finally have the first half of our Treatment for “She” available for download! If you haven’t already done it, be sure to check out She on Netflix Watch Instantly. It will help you understand as we desperately try to dissect the hopelessly convoluted plot of this film. In fact, this movie was so complicated and intricate, that we had to split this Treatment in two. Part one covers just about the first half of the film exactly.

HEAR….our discussion of the hackneyed names of the film’s characters!!

LISTEN….as we try to puzzle out the mysteries of the hot-tub cave!!

GASP IN AMAZEMENT….as Doug does his Italian Director impression!!

WONDER….if anyone is truly talking about the same person in referencing T’Pau?

You can listen by clicking the media player below.