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Treatment 79 – Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Another special guest episode comes flying your way! Only THIS time, the special guest didn’t make it! Unfortunately, guest Ralph Santiago III of the RS3Feed podcast had a mishap and couldn’t make it to the show. We give him a call at the start of the show to get the scoop on that. Fortunately, Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner was in the neighborhood, and joined for a second episode! We still covered Ralph’s movie choice for this week, though.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This is a goofball horror/comedy from the late 80s, that most people will recall for it’s amazingly creepy clown makeup. Of course, it also features John Vernon and Grant Cramer. And there’s the endless scenes of klown karnage…as we imagine they would refer to it.

HONK… the nose of boredom, as we place a call to Ralph and learn of his horrible dog-walking accident!!!

RIDE THE TINY BICYCLE… of joy as we discuss the hilarity of dialogue like “this isn’t how cotton candy is stored!!!”

THROW A PIE… into the face of tedium, as the guys somehow end up discussing cat-swinging, Chinese Zodiac killers, and swinging cocks at unsuspecting people at make-out point!!!

This week’s movie is available to stream on Netflix Instant, as usual. You can also stream it on Amazon. Find that, the DVD, and even the soundtrack in our store! Also, be sure to look for us on iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to auto-download future episodes! You definitely want to be here for next week’s show!

Next Week: We talk all about Rutger Hauer & Ice-T in Surviving the Game!! Also…Matt should be back….if anyone cares.