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Treatment 235 – Hell Comes to Frogtown


With Matt away this week, Doug invited a few people over to Schlock Industries for an impromptu wake of one of our heroes, the late Roddy Piper. Amazingly, this is only our second Piper movie (we started at the top). Join Doug, Abby, Marcus, and the LeopardactylsKirk and Rollie, as we scavenge the nuke-blasted future of…

Hell Comes to Frogtown!

We discuss wrestling action figures, about which Abby makes a massive faux pas!

We talk Piper’s wrestling tactics and accomplishments, leading to Virgil getting an inordinate amount of podcast time!

Targets falling under our scrutiny include [name redacted], film violence “for women’s own good,” and the iWatch!

Next week: We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, and special guest Danielle Henderson takes us to a Madhouse (a madhouse)!

Roddy Piper Tribute Cast

piper011Things came up again this week, so we’ve delayed our regularly scheduled programming. Instead, due to his untimely passing, we’re doing a ten-bell salute to one of the all-time greats, a legend of entertainment in the ring and on the screen, Roddy Piper. To honor the Hot Rod, Doug and a selection of guests will be covering his classic B-movie “Hell Comes to Frogtown.”

Leave your comments below by 5pm 8/5 and they’ll be read in this episode.

Treatment 32- THEY LIVE!

I guess it could be argued that John Carpenter films don’t count as schlock. Truth be told, we are all huge fans. In fact, if I have my way, we’ll certainly cover a few more. But, from a mainstream standpoint, films like this week’s episode are not mega-hits, so that’s good enough for us. Our choice for the first Carpenter film to cover?


It’s arguably a classic, definitely a cult classic. But it’s also a weird sci-fi movie featuring a 20 minute back-alley brawl, aliens that you can see if you wear the right sunglasses, some wildly over-the-top consumerist fear-mongering, and  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Sounds like fodder for our show!!

REVEL… in our constant derailing of the conversation to cover such topics as the Gargoyles cartoon, and Masters of the Universe!!

DELIGHT… as Doug reveals the surprise gift he brought for Matt!!!

WHORE… your way into our hearts to get some cheap publicity, like we give to several folks at the start of this episode!!!

All this and more, on this week’s incredibly long (sorry, we rambled) episode of Schlock Treatment! So, subscribe to the podcast today,  and check out They Live on netflix or in our store. Then listen to us yammer.

Prescription for Next Week: Ninja Vengeance