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Treatment 203 – Crocodile Dundee

Cheeky Bum LookerThis week, we’re whittled down one more Schlock Doc, or whatever we settled on calling ourselves, as Kirk is away on assignment. Let’s hope this doesn’t boomerang on us, as it’s up to Matt and Doug to go walkabout into the deepest outback when they say g’day to…

Crocodile Dundee!

Wrestler count this week: 3 tag teams, the Jumping Bomb Angels, the New Rockers and the New Dream Team.

Doug posits his theory of the NeverEnding Cheers!

Matt explores the dark roots of Garfield’s past!

Next week: Kirk returns, and we get into the holiday spirit with a return to the Power Rangers, The Robo Knight Before Christmas, and a very special Family Ties, A Christmas Story!!!

Treatment 201 – RoboCop the 3rd


The third week of Thanks But No Thanks, on the tails of Marc’s triumphant return, finds the fellas with the Ghost of Don Pardo, discovering what the heart truly wants, fumbling with math, song names and Police Academy sequel titles, all in service of Kirk’s pick…

RoboCop 3!

Wrestler count this week: 1, Sting. Fried chicken commercial count: 1, RoboCop.

Kirk invents a new species of robutt!

Doug reboots every movie soundtrack ever!

Matt reveals the white man’s devil’s secret weakness!

Next week: No surprise this time, as Marc McDonald returns with his TBNT pick, The NeverEnding Story!!!