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Treatment 75 – Ghostbusters 2

Is it really a bad thing for Hollywood to pump out a sequel to a hugely beloved film, even if it’s sub-par? Isn’t it better to have more of the characters you love than nothing at all? That’s what we discuss this weekend as we review yet another disappointing sequel!

Ghostbusters 2

The whole crew is back in the second effort from writers Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. But are they as good? Is the plot hackneyed, or just as good as the first? Are the jokes there to induce laughter or vomiting? Opinions are mixed between the Schlock Docs, though everyone agrees that Peter MacNichol steals the show!

TAKE CONTROL… as Marc reveals his theories about the Hollywood formula for sequels!!!

CALL… who you’re going to, as Doug tells the hilarious tale of his drunk friend who fell in the screening of Mr. Bean!!!

BE FILLING WITH JOYFULNESS… as the guys do multiple Jannosh impressions, and declare him the best thing about this movie!!!

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Next Treatment: We bring you one more bad sequel with Staying Alive!

Treatment 44 -Streets of Fire

This week’s much-anticipated episode finds the Schlock Treatment crew divided on the schlockiness and merit of this film. It also finds a long list of emails from listeners, and a complaint that drove us to an experimental change to the ST intro! So, this is a red-letter episode!

Streets of Fire

Yep, it’s the 80s cult favorite itself, but don’t worry because we don’t pull punches just because a film has a following! It stars Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, and Willem Dafoe to name just a few! This is another one that’s chock full of “that-guys” and before-they-were-famous appearances.

GET MEAN… as we read a heap of listener mail, and we get a bit defensive about a criticism!!

STRAP IN… to your leather pants, as we discuss the weird costume choices of the film!!

RELOAD… as we list the vast multitudes of cameos and that-guys found in this flick!!

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Treatment for Next Week: Our first ever Spaghetti Western! The Mercenary is streaming, and it’s our movie for next week!