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Treatment 126 – Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

RemoChiunKirk is away being murdered by a stalker!

So, of course we celebrate by talking serious turkey about an 80s action legend! Well, more like what producers thought would be an 80s action legend, but didn’t quite reach the dizzying heights they expected.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

And the adventure also ends in this one, too. No more adventure was to be had. Maybe it’s because the adventure, as it was penned in this story, was sadly lacking. But at least there’s a sad, racist casting of a wispy white man as an ancient Asian martial arts master.

FLOAT… as Doug takes to reading some mail, and shares a story of product placement!!!

CONCENTRATE… as Matt professes his love for Reginald VelJohnson (again)!!!

DIVE… into a rousing game of “re-cast it” and hear the guys pick their favorites for cheap laughs!!!

You can find Remo Williams on Netflix Instant, if you’re looking for long training sequences and implausible physics. Also, you can head over to itunes and rate the podcast, if you like! We read all reviews on the show!

Next Week: We go killer whale, with Orca: The Killer Whale!!!!

Treatment 85 – Posse

Too bad for you that the full-length version of Critters that was on YouTube got yanked by NBC/Universal, because that means we covered this movie instead. Ugh…


Yep Billy Zane is back, this time as a pirate-faced cowboy chasin’ after gold stolen by a bunch of black soldiers (and Stephen Baldwin). The film is a sort of western pastiche, more than an actual western. Or is it a series of short films? Hell, I don’t know. All I know is it’s chock-full of “that guys,” and Nipsey Russel only gets one line.

SCRATCH YER CRAW… as Matt calls forth all of his incredible improv and acting talent to artfully mimic a person that doesn’t exist and that no one ever dreamed of!!!

WALK THE LINE… of racial harmony, as Marc skates dangerously close to being offensive (according to the other guys)!!!

SADDLE UP…as Doug and Kirk discuss the merits of Roger Waters‘ latest film!!!

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Next Week: The IN-ZANE JULY-LUM is packed with lunacy as we close out this abject failure in film themes with another TV episode! This time, we’re checking out an episode of Murder She Wrote that featured Billy Zane, called A Very Good Year for Murder (season 4, episode 17)!