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Top Ten Divas of Schlock

schlockdiva10If you listened to the latest episode, you heard guest Abby Denson read her “Top Ten Divas of Schlock” list on the show. You probably also heard us mention that the list would be posted on the website. Well, as promised, Abby has written out her list for us, and also delivered a cool picture! Thanks, Abby!   -The Editor (a.k.a. Marc)

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve put together a Top Ten Divas of Schlock list! These are some of my favorite strong (yet feminine) characters from films covered so far on the Schlock Treatment podcast.

10. The Misfits (from Jem) – their songs ARE better!

9. Meg Foster, who in all of her roles (including Masters of the Universe, They Live, and Leviathan) has shown us all the power of having terrifying eyes!

8. Marjoe Gortner in Starcrash… Whoops! I meant Caroline Munro.
Who says Han Solo couldn’t be a lady?

7. Pam Grier as seen in Escape From LA & Friday Foster. Those roles weren’t her most bad-ass, but she certainly deserves a place on this list!

6. Mariangela Melato as General Kala in Flash Gordon. Her costumes, brainwashing, and torture techniques are classic camp!

5. Sarah Douglas, who was gorgeous and tough as Queen Taramis in Conan the Destroyer, AND she had the best outfits! Love her!

4. Mary Woronov, whose role of Principal Togar in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School inspired disciplinarians everywhere!

3. Lair of the White Worm’s Amanda Donohoe made being an ancient lady snake vampire seem so glamorous! Also, she had an awesome house and fantastic outfits.

2. In Conan the Destroyer, Grace Jones taught us all, that in matters of romance it is best to “Grab him, and take him!”

1. Sandahl Bergman, whose role in She kicked off all of the Schlock Treatment fun to begin with! And let’s not forget her roles in Conan the Barbarian, Hell Comes to Frogtown, and Red Sonja too.

In the Honorable Mention category we have:
The icy cool Dr. Mengers in Piranha (only she pronounces it “piranya”) played by screen legend Barbara Steele!
And Boy George (you don’t necessarily have to be a woman to be a diva) who starred as his fabulous self in The A-Team episode “Cowboy George”!

Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section!

Abby Denson

Treatment 164 – Escape From L.A.

BuscemiMarch, brings Women’s History Month, and in tribute we decided to make an effort to break-up the sausage-fest that is our podcast with a month full of awesome female guests! Taking the lead is Maggie Serota, from the Lowtimes Podcast, who knocks it out of the park with her choice for this week’s film!

Escape From L.A.

Kurt Russell chews some scenery in this incredibly camp sequel to the (much better) Escape From N.Y.! It features a cast of greats, like Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Valeria Golino, Pam Grier, Stacy Keach, Bruce Campbell and MORE! It also features some of the dumbest scenes in cinema history!

This Week: Maggie flaunts her podcasting fortune, and drops some serious Carpenter knowledge! Matt is on his best behavior, but still slips in some miners!! Kirk drops some golden one-liners, but is barely audible!! And Doug IS Snake Plissken!!

Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, so that you’re with us for special guest Abby Denson and her film choice, The Apple!

Treatment 161 – Friday Foster

FridayFosterSchloxploitation month continues, as we shift our focus from Isaac Hayes to the amazing Pam Grier! We bring in a special guest, Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner, to talk all things Grier!

Friday Foster

This flick has sexy Pam Grier, super cool Yaphet Kotto, and so much more! There are shootouts, car chases, pimps, garbage trucks backing over phone booths, horny priests, and the list goes on and on!

On This Episode: Jon shares his stories about Pam Grier touching his beard, his thoughts on the blaxploitation genre, his idea for a new exploitation genre about Brits, his love for Thalmus Rasulala, his jokes about jerk-off creme, his fondness for Live and Let Die, and so much more!!! Kirk is ginger, and tries to be supportive! Marc coughs a lot and rants about Matt’s absence! And Doug tries to get a word in edgewise!

Next Week: We carry on discussing schloxploitation gems with Brotherhood of Death!!!

Treatment 85 – Posse

Too bad for you that the full-length version of Critters that was on YouTube got yanked by NBC/Universal, because that means we covered this movie instead. Ugh…


Yep Billy Zane is back, this time as a pirate-faced cowboy chasin’ after gold stolen by a bunch of black soldiers (and Stephen Baldwin). The film is a sort of western pastiche, more than an actual western. Or is it a series of short films? Hell, I don’t know. All I know is it’s chock-full of “that guys,” and Nipsey Russel only gets one line.

SCRATCH YER CRAW… as Matt calls forth all of his incredible improv and acting talent to artfully mimic a person that doesn’t exist and that no one ever dreamed of!!!

WALK THE LINE… of racial harmony, as Marc skates dangerously close to being offensive (according to the other guys)!!!

SADDLE UP…as Doug and Kirk discuss the merits of Roger Waters‘ latest film!!!

As always (and sometimes to our detriment) this week’s film is streaming on Netflix! You can find it there, if you are short on reasons to kill yourself. Turns out, if you have Amazon Prime, you can also stream it for free there! If you’re feeling really desperate, pick up the DVD! You can find all the amazon stuff that’s available in our store! Then head over to iTunes and please leave us a rating! Then subscribe to the podcast to be ready for next week’s episode!

Next Week: The IN-ZANE JULY-LUM is packed with lunacy as we close out this abject failure in film themes with another TV episode! This time, we’re checking out an episode of Murder She Wrote that featured Billy Zane, called A Very Good Year for Murder (season 4, episode 17)!