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Treatment 168 – Shock Treatment

shocktreatmentYou might be confused, but take a moment and read the title of the article again! This week, we close out Ladies Month or whatever we decided to call it, with guest Alison Abrams who chose a film with a slightly confusing title (at least to our listeners).

Shock Treatment

Yep…our second musical this month! And our third film this month with a music-heavy theme!! Ahhhh! This one is a supposed sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and boy does it come up short!

This Week: Alison goes to bat for Richard O’Brien and Jessica Harper, but clearly has no love for Jeremy Newson!! Doug has no love for anyone in this film!! Matt shares his love for Susan Saint James!!! And Marc gets shit for saying he kind of likes a song involving cross-dressing!!

Next Treatment: We kick off April’s Fools with the first in our comedy film lineup (chosen by you in the poll), Airplane II!!

Treatment 165 – The Apple

TheAppleOur lady-guest marathon continues this week with an appearance by cartoonist, author, and bon-vivant Abby Denson! Abby comes back for her second guest appearance, and hopes (apparently) to make it her last by choosing the most horrifying film ever made!!! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, and of course it’s not Abby’s last appearance, but it’s a pretty bad movie.

The Apple

If you’re into heavy-handed use of metaphor, preachy overtones, and shitty pop music then this film may be for you!! Also, if you like Frenchmen in devil costumes, and vague, non-specific accents!

This Week: Abby drops some mad podcast fan cred by delivering an amazing Top Ten Divas of Schlock list! Kirk collaborates with her on a weird song mocking Marc for not liking the film! Doug talks about his drug-addled youth, when he actually liked this film! And everyone has a good laugh at Marjoe Gortner‘s expense!

Next Treatment: We welcome back Therese Mahler (host of The Therese Show and Depravity’s Rainbow on WFMU) who chose the classic teenage coming-of-age film, Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Treatment 158 – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

RocknrollHighWe’re back, and this time we brought a friend! Our special guest this week is the one and only Eleanor Kagan from the Bonnie & Maude Podcast! She classes up the joint, bringing us some actual interesting info about this week’s movie. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our best behavior for this one (though that still isn’t very good). But, folks…we have the rare Miner-Free-Episode here!!! At last!!!!!

Rock -n- Roll High School

We got kids ruling the school, we’ve got hard-nosed principals, we’ve got bullying hall monitors….oh yeah, and did we mention The Ramones? Because we have The Ramones coming out of the woodwork in this movie! Also, a Van Patten kid, Mary Woronov, and some giant lab rats!

This Week on the Episode: Eleanor drops some mad knowledge; Marc balks on hosting duties and takes the shitty mic until Kirk unplugs the podcast and loses his good mic privileges; Matt slams a past guest big time; and Doug completely loses it over said slam.

Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, so you’re ready for the next episode when we go sword and sandal on your ass!! Yep, if you think the Hobbit was great (or awful), wait until you meet Deathstalker!!

Treatment 149 – The American Astronaut

americanastronautSchlocktober has come and gone, and though we may look back in shame occasionally, we also look forward with newfound optimism to November and our newest theme: Thanks, but No Thanks!! Don’t worry though, that optimism is crushed (for some of us, anyway) right out of the gate!

The American Astronaut

This is a weird one, kids. Doug chose this one as the first person to go in our attempts to torture one-another. What else can we say, but damn he’s good! Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the whole conceit of this month was more designed to torture just me…

THRILL… as the listener feedback pours in on the contentious topic of Herbert West!!

GASP… as Matt reveals his penchant for bathroom dancing!!!

WONDER… as Kirk does his sound effect of the week, and Doug does his miner impression of the week!!!

You can find The American Astronaut on Netflix Instant, as usual. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe to the show, and drop us a review! If you’re one of those anti-Apple people, you can find us on Stitcher.

Next Week: Kirk makes his choice for “Thanks but No Thanks” month, and it’s Godzilla’s Revenge!!!

Treatment 119 – Jesus Christ Superstar

FatHerodSchlock Treatment returns, and this week we celebrate in two special ways:

First, with the great Therese Mahler (from WFMUs Depravity’s Rainbow) who joins us this week with her cinematic pick! Which spurs our second means of celebration with another musical! Hooray! Therese even managed to choose a musical that ties to the upcoming zombie-worshipping holiday! Double-hooray!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Yes, some of us found our celebration to be short lived, upon watching this one. It has hippies dancing, fat guys jiggling, people who shouldn’t be singing singing, and also spittle. We talk all about Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elleman, and many more!

DANCE… joyfully at the prospect of Doug singing about Jesus being cool!!!

WAVE… your jazz hands about as Therese reveals her incredible knowledge of Shakespeare and Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!

KICK… your blues to the curb as the show yet again devolves into everyone (mostly Matt) ragging on Marc!!!

If you head on over to Netflix, you’ll find Jesus Christ Superstar available to stream instantly. And after you’ve tortured yourself with that, be sure to head to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast for further torture in episodes to come! If you’re anti-iTunes, you can always find us on Stitcher Radio…be sure to add us to your favorites!

Next Week: We kick off April’s Fools month with a bang! D.C. Cab was number 4 in our poll, so be sure to tune in!

Treatment 95 – Wild in the Streets

Hey, man! Like some of you cats have been fast and loose with the system! You may think you got the brains, but you got nothin. You’re nothing but a bunch of oldsters trying to figure out which way to face your wheelchairs!! Well, don’t sweat it, baby! We’re gonna fix it so you’re in fat city! Schlock Treatment has the juice for all you mods and rockers out there!

Wild in the Streets

This week’s flick is a political scare piece from the 60s, about youth running amok, and befouling the sacred institution that is the vote! We thought it was apt, what with election season coming up, and our own little vote (for Schlocktober) coming to a close. See those crazy kids take over the means of government and force all the old fogeys  (like 35 year-olds) into LSD retirement homes! The horror!!

LIKE, COOL IT, BABY… when you hear songs like 14 or Fight, Heart and Soul, Little Bit of Soul, Out in the Streets, and so many more sung (badly) on the show!!!

FREAK OUT… as you hear us uncover a sinister conspiracy to hide Australian/Austrian Reptilian Aliens from the public!!!

STICK IT TO THE MAN… by joining Marc, Matt, and Kirk as they discuss the television landscape if there were no old people!!!

As always, Wild in the Streets is available on Netflix Instant. This one also just happens to be streaming free for Prime members on Amazon, find it listed in our store! Then be sure to head to iTunes and rate the podcast. We like 5 star ratings, and read them on the show. Also, make sure you subscribe, so you can join us for SCHLOCKTOBER!

Next Week: The results of the Schlocktober Poll are in, and are revealed on the show. We also do our tiebreaker vote, and reveal C.H.U.D as the movie chosen for Schlocktober Week 1!! See you then!