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Treatment 147 – The People Under the Stairs

McGillSchlocktober continues, and in fine horror film tradition we decide to split up! Yeah, Matt unexpectedly couldn’t make it for this week’s recording, but don’t worry, because we still manage to have a 20 minute mail segment. Except this time, we’re generally nice to the people who write in. Funny, that.

The People Under the Stairs

This week’s movie is widely considered to be part of the “urban horror” genre, because it has some black characters in it! One of those characters is played by the amazing Ving Rhames, but it also has…that guy! Also, be sure not to miss Everett McGill in a gimp suit!

THRILL… as Doug makes a Snackwells Cookie joke, and it breaks Marc up!!!!

SCREAM… in terror, as Kirk get’s a lot of rather positive feedback and does a Matt impression!!!

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… when Marc compares the movie to the TV show Webster!!!

As usual, find the movie on Netflix Instant. We make a point of watching movies that you, the listener, can easily find and watch! Also, if you can, please find us in iTunes and write us a review! Thanks to the folks who wrote new reviews recently, we read them in the mail segment on this very episode. Also, if you’re a stitcher user, please favorite us!

Next Week: It’s the ultimate Schlocktober film from our poll! The winner by a landslide was Re-Animator!!! Yes, we are looking forward to it, so stay tuned!

Treatment 122 – Summer School

NiceHairOh, man. Does our April’s Fools experiment trudge onward! Comedy, folks. It’s all Matt‘s fault.

Anyway, this week we’re moving on to movie number three from our comedy film poll. This was another of the films tied for first place. I know, right? I was surprised too.

Summer School

Mark Harmon stars in all his “nice haired” glory. This rather standard 80s comedy features slackers, hotties, and douchebag Vice Principals!

STUDY… the art of podcasting, as Marc lacks enthusiasm and can’t seem to read mail without screwing up!!!

CRAM… your favorite dumb jokes into your ears, as Matt cracks yet another “meep-meep” joke!!!

FAIL… utterly to be aroused, when Kirk relates his first time seeing the Toxic Avenger’s boobs!!!

As always, check Netflix Instant to find Summer School streaming. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast for us! Also, if you feel like being abused, drop us a review or comment and we’ll read it on the show. Hey, are you a Stitcher user? Then why the FUCK haven’t you favorited us yet?!? DO IT!


Next Week: We close out April’s Fools with a show full of awful Cosby impressions!!! Thanks to Ghost Dad!!