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Treatment 114 – Phantoms

McDonaldsThis week’s show is full of posturing, name-calling, tension, anger, and drama!!

Oh, and we also cover a movie about a giant slime monster made of oil.


This one features the wonderful Peter O’Toole, and the slightly less wonderful Ben Affleck. Oh, forget it. What’s the point? I never wanted to be a podcaster anyway. I wanted to be….a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. With my best girl by my side! The Larch! The Pine! The Mighty Sequoia!

GASP… as Doug makes his triumphant return!!

GAWK…as Marc storms off the set to go sulk in his trailer!!!

GRIN….as Kirk, Matt, and Doug continue without him….somewhat haltingly!!!

Will everyone make up in the end? Will there be another episode? Did you watch Phantoms on Netflix? It’s available to watch streaming, if you want. Did you go to iTunes and rate the podcast? If not, maybe wait for another episode before doing that… This might not be the best example of the show.

Next Week: We might not be back, but if we do come back we’ll be talking about Solarbabies!!! (Jaime Gertzburger.)