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Treatment 110 – Tales from the Darkside:The Movie

CatFaceThis week we tackle yet another anthology film, and sadly it does entail a Stephen King writing credit. It’s another cat story…seems cats are his “pet” peeve! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Ahem…anyway, sorry. As a consolation, we also welcome back Christopher Boerger for another guest appearance on this week’s show.

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Joey Lawrence’s kid brother makes an appearance in this one, if you’re looking for a good reason not to watch it. It also features a slew of big name actors…mostly before they had reputations to destroy.

THRILL… as Christopher tries in vain to convince Marc to cover R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet!!!

SHRIEK… as Doug thinks Kirk‘s Christian Slater impression is a Peter Lorre impression!!!

YAWN... as the podcast stretches to 80+ minutes thanks to a protracted period of Matt confusing Gargoyles with Goblins!!!

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Next Week: We’re going full cult, and watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!!

Treatment 83 – The Phantom

Welcome to the InZANE JULYlum! As a celebration of insanity, we decided to cover a string of suitably awful films featuring Billy Zane! Of course, we have plenty to choose from. We decided to pass on Titanic, because…well…honestly, it’s because none of us wanted to watch it again. But don’t worry, we have another period piece that’s full of action and romance!

The Phantom

Yep, that really boring comic strip you used to skip over to read H├Ągar the Horrible was turned into a feature film! And, in the fine tradition of The Shadow, it’s filled with inept storytelling, boring cliches, and cartoonish set-pieces! Add to that, the woefully uncharismatic performance by Mr. Zane and we have schlock!

RACE…through the jungle on faster-than-plane horses to hear the guys discuss confusing chase scenes!!!

FLY…to uncharted lands just to see if maybe there’s an island there, and then exclaim “wow, it’s really here!!!”

SPRING… into tiger cages, pirate coves, and machine rooms to show off your skin-tight, purple, spandex suit!!!

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Next Week: We get even schlockier with The Crypt Keeper and Billy Zane in Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight!!!

Treatment 81 – The Quest

After some unexpected down-time, the podcast is back to a shaky start! We had some difficulties the last two weeks, but we’re finally getting to the movie we announced so long ago! And we only manage to be awful some of the time, so it’s quite an amazing comeback!

The Quest

It’s our first Jean-Claude Van Damme movie!! How is this possible?!? Yes, we finally hit the great JCVD, and hit him hard. There is much ribbing, and this movie deserves it. It’s JCVD as a 1920s vintage clown, with orphan kids as pals, gangsters, kung fu, and Roger Moore as a pirate!

TRAIN… yourself to withstand hilarity, as Matt‘s impression of an old man remarkably resembles Emo Phillips!!!

FIGHT…to keep your composure, as Kirk imitates a 30s reporter, Doug imitates Christian Bale, and Marc imitates Dudley Doright!!!

TRIUMPH… as the guys wonder about the point of this mysterious tournament, and the various ethnically-specific fighting styles of the combatants!!!

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Next Treatment: We are THRILLED to find that Over the Top is now available streaming!!! Watch it now, and prepare for a fun episode next week!