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Treatment 255 – Ninja III: The Domination

Ninja-III-Domination-1984We’re back after a three-week dry spell for this first podcast of 2016! Matt could unfortunately not join us, but we called in a pair of big guns for backup. A couple of regulars and old friends stop by to help us stand up to…

Ninja III: The Domination!

Abby picks up on the litany  of Golan-Globus’ “influences” behind their choices!

Marcus finds the scene that Roman Polanski ripped off from Ninja III!

Doug reminisces on days spent at the sword store!

Next time: No show next week again, but then we’ll get to the DMX classic, Cradle 2 the Grave!

Treatment 173 – Big Trouble in Little China

BigMonsterHey…after last week’s betrayal we felt a little bad, so this week we’re making it up to our listeners with a classic bit of schlock! Well…it’s schlocky, but also amazing. So is it schlock? Who the fuck knows. We should probably have this figured out by now. Anyway…you’re welcome.

Big Trouble in Little China

This Week: Kirk drops an amazing Hoggle impression!! Matt talks all about Randy Quaid’s Big Weird Bankrupt Dick!!! Doug makes a bunch of references that go over Marc’s head!! And Marc is overly detailed in his monster classification system!!!

Next Time: It’s Ahnold, making his triumphant return in The Running Man!!

Treatment 121 – The Golden Child

NumsieThe Secret of My Success was a no-go (thanks a heap, Netflix) so we went to the first runner up in our April’s Fools poll. Naturally, we were all happy to watch this one.

The Golden Child

Ah, Eddie Murphy, how we fondly recall the days when you were cool. Back before you resorted exclusively to children’s programming. This one also features our man James Hong, as well as a slew of Big Trouble in Little China cast members. Also, watch for Ben Dover of Fletch Lives fame.

THRILL… as the chatter devolves into pathetic quoting of funny lines from the film, and we give a listener his due!!!

GASP… at the long silences after many sad joke attempts!!!

AMAZE… as Matt tries to argue that this isn’t our worst episode ever!!!

The Golden Child is seriously wonderful, and is available streaming on Netflix (unlike The Secret of My Success). Be sure to watch it, because it’s great, and we don’t get a lot of those. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast, please! Just don’t base your rating on this boring-ass episode. Also, if you’re into Stitcher, please add us to your favorites and thumb us up or whatever.

Next Week: It’s Summer School! Yes, our continued venture into comedy results in us watching a movie with Mark Harmon. Yeah, well you voted for it…

Treatment 61 – The Vineyard

Okay, very often we cover films, and we expect that people aren’t actually going to watch it. They’ve probably seen it, or maybe they’ll just get the gist of it from our conversation. Well, if there’s any movie that you actually try to seek out, let this be it!

The Vineyard

James Hong is definitely a podcast favorite. From his roles in movies like Big Trouble in Little China, to his amazing Christmas album, we love this guy! And now  we cover a film that he wrote, directed, and starred in! If any movie is a disturbing glimpse into this guy’s psyche…well, this is it.

THRILL… as the guys discuss their various reactions to seeing James Hong groping and sexing-up a half-naked woman!!!

CRINGE… at the endless James Hong impressions, that slowly degrade into horrible Asian stereotypes!!!

REVEL… in the absolute incompetence and utter weirdness of this crazy film!!! (Seriously, watch it!)

The Vineyard is currently available to stream on Netflix Instant. If you don’t have Netflix, you can find the DVD on Amazon through our store, and you can rent it there too! So, be sure to watch this one…we can’t recommend it enough for fans of schlock! Then be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and join us next week!

Prescription for Next Week: We take on 80s Filmation cartoon, He-Man & She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword!! Yep. You know you loved it as a kid. Now it’s time for us to shatter your childhood illusions. Fun, huh?

Treatment 53 -The Shadow

This week is insane! We were lucky enough to convince Jon Cross, from The After Movie Diner podcast/website to join us this week. That means insightful discussion, keen analysis, and a wealth of cinema knowledge! Unfortunately, we talked him into joining us for a movie that doesn’t deserve any of this. But, somehow he still draws us into an hour and 20 minute, discussion!

The Shadow

The Shadow is based on the radio plays and pulp novels of the 1930s. It features a star-studded cast, who almost all find themselves in roles that are wholly unsuited for them. It wants to be Batman, but ends up closer to The Phantom.

CRINGE… in fear as Marc, Doug, Matt, and Jon cloud your mind with their heated discussion!!!

PUZZLE… along with Marc at good guys in evil lairs!!!

SCRUTINIZE… the formlessness of The Shadow‘s powers, as Jon notes that they are never outlined or defined in any meaningful way!!!

As usual, The Shadow is available on Netflix o Watch Instantly. You can also watch it for free on Amazon with your Prime membership. Find a link to that, the DVD, and the soundtrack in our store! Also be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and join us next week!

Next Week’s Treatment: Our first Bruce Lee film! Check out Game of Death for next time!