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Treatment 86 – Murder, She Wrote: AVGYFM

Hey, kids! It’s the last of the Billy Zane films!! Pretty soon you will be fully cured, and discharged from the in-ZANE JULY-lum!!! Hooray! Well, it’s also possible you’ll be a spent, drooling, quivering mess that can no longer function in normal, polite society. So, there’s that. But we tried to go easy on you.


For those of you not in “the know,” that stands for Murder, She Wrote Season 04 Episode 17: A Very Good Year for Murder!!! I don’t think we’re going to fit that whole title into the episode title on iTunes. Anyhoo, yes we are covering an episode of Murder, She Wrote just because it has Billy Zane in it!! I know, crazy, right?!? Anyhoo, it also happens to have the amazing John Saxon and the ugly Eli Wallach! What it doesn’t have is much of a plot.

GLANCE SUSPICIOUSLY… as Marc reads mail from the usual suspects, and Doug composes a song for a listener!!!

SEARCH FOR CLUES… of intelligent life on this podcast, as the guys talk TV murder mysteries and Matt references Richie Brockelman, Private Eye again!!!

FINGER THE CULPRIT… when Kirk gets up and leaves in the middle of the show…AGAIN!!!

Once again, you can find Murder, She Wrote on Netflix streaming instantly! Otherwise, check your DVD collection…you know you have it! The episode is called A Very Good Year for Murder, and it’s Season 4, episode 17. After watching it, head over to iTunes and rate the podcast! Then subscribe for next week’s show!

Next Week: We are blissfully Billy Zane-free! And we have a special guest! Mark Prindle of internet music reviewing fame will be joining us to discuss Frogs!


Treatment 85 – Posse

Too bad for you that the full-length version of Critters that was on YouTube got yanked by NBC/Universal, because that means we covered this movie instead. Ugh…


Yep Billy Zane is back, this time as a pirate-faced cowboy chasin’ after gold stolen by a bunch of black soldiers (and Stephen Baldwin). The film is a sort of western pastiche, more than an actual western. Or is it a series of short films? Hell, I don’t know. All I know is it’s chock-full of “that guys,” and Nipsey Russel only gets one line.

SCRATCH YER CRAW… as Matt calls forth all of his incredible improv and acting talent to artfully mimic a person that doesn’t exist and that no one ever dreamed of!!!

WALK THE LINE… of racial harmony, as Marc skates dangerously close to being offensive (according to the other guys)!!!

SADDLE UP…as Doug and Kirk discuss the merits of Roger Waters‘ latest film!!!

As always (and sometimes to our detriment) this week’s film is streaming on Netflix! You can find it there, if you are short on reasons to kill yourself. Turns out, if you have Amazon Prime, you can also stream it for free there! If you’re feeling really desperate, pick up the DVD! You can find all the amazon stuff that’s available in our store! Then head over to iTunes and please leave us a rating! Then subscribe to the podcast to be ready for next week’s episode!

Next Week: The IN-ZANE JULY-LUM is packed with lunacy as we close out this abject failure in film themes with another TV episode! This time, we’re checking out an episode of Murder She Wrote that featured Billy Zane, called A Very Good Year for Murder (season 4, episode 17)!

Treatment 84 – Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

InZANE JULYlum continues, with more Billy Zane! This time we actually liked his performance, as he chews the scenery all over this campy Tales from the Crypt feature film entry.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

I don’t know if it was the fig newtons, or if it was the awfulness of last week’s movie, but we were loopy for this film. It’s pretty goofy, lame, and basically feels like a really long episode of the TV show, but we all still thought it was fun.

GET POSESSED… with the spirit of inZANITY, as the guys have trouble keeping it together for this episode!!!

BREAK THE SEAL… as Kirk reveals that he didn’t watch the movie, even though covering it was his idea!!!

RIP OFF THE ARM… of boredom, as Doug and Matt giggle their way around just about every topic except this movie!!!

This week’s episode is a little off topic, but if you decide to watch Demon Knight anyway, you can find it on Netflix Instant!! You can also find it available as a digital rental or on DVD from Amazon! Check our store to find links! In the mean time, head over to rate the podcast on iTunes, and be sure to subscribe for next week’s show!

Next Treatment: We continue your treatments in the InZANE JULYlum with another (partly) Billy Zane flick! This time we cover the mediocre western, Posse!


Treatment 83 – The Phantom

Welcome to the InZANE JULYlum! As a celebration of insanity, we decided to cover a string of suitably awful films featuring Billy Zane! Of course, we have plenty to choose from. We decided to pass on Titanic, because…well…honestly, it’s because none of us wanted to watch it again. But don’t worry, we have another period piece that’s full of action and romance!

The Phantom

Yep, that really boring comic strip you used to skip over to read Hägar the Horrible was turned into a feature film! And, in the fine tradition of The Shadow, it’s filled with inept storytelling, boring cliches, and cartoonish set-pieces! Add to that, the woefully uncharismatic performance by Mr. Zane and we have schlock!

RACE…through the jungle on faster-than-plane horses to hear the guys discuss confusing chase scenes!!!

FLY…to uncharted lands just to see if maybe there’s an island there, and then exclaim “wow, it’s really here!!!”

SPRING… into tiger cages, pirate coves, and machine rooms to show off your skin-tight, purple, spandex suit!!!

It’s all there on our latest episode, and the film is all there for you to watch on Netflix Instant. You can also find it available to buy streaming or on DVD from Amazon…look in our store for links! Be sure to head to iTunes and rate the podcast for us, we promise to read new reviews on the show! Also, while you’re there be sure to subscribe for the next InZANE JULYlum entry!

Next Week: We get even schlockier with The Crypt Keeper and Billy Zane in Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight!!!