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Treatment 218 – The Baby

retro4sMatt’s back from shore leave, and he’s thrown right back into the mess. The Cool Sandwich Bros are serving up something unusual this week, the meat of which was a little tougher than advertised. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this week’s special is…

The Baby!

Matt and Doug NURTURE the earliest roots of podcasting!

Kirk (???) ROCKS the mailbag!

Matt NURSES a fascination with a certain character’s hair!

Doug theorizes the BIRTH of the men’s rights movement!

Next week: Now that The Baby’s been put to bed, things lighten up considerably around here. If Matt can brave the body change horror field, Doug can finally give Michael J. Fox another chance. Joan Jett may soften the blow, because we’re headed for the Light of Day!

Treatment 197 – Monkey Shines


This week, we speculate from whom George Romero draws his inspiration, learn about helter skelters, and occasionally talk about monkeys, when we polish up on our…

Monkey Shines

Special Guest Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner burns bridge after bridge among his former co-hosts and guests!

Kirk psychoanalyzes Jon with frightening accuracy!

Doug works toward getting Jon to curse him in song! (progress pending)

Next week: You picked the winner of 2014’s Schlocktober poll, and it’s a real slugfest: Night of the Creeps!


Treatment 185 – The Keep

the-keep-3Welcome to Schlock Treatment 185! This week the fellows venture down, down, down, into the interminably slow…

The Keep!

This week:

Matt reveals his favorite was movie and how many ZZ Top tickets are still available!

Doug enjoys garlic, but is still a vampire!

Kirk doesn’t know, but still creates a taco mess!

Next week: We go back to the Michael Dudikoff well once again, this time with the original AMERICAN NINJA!


Treatment 157 – Lair of the White Worm

amanda-donohoeWell, here we are again! Like a twister, we’re winding our way into 2014 with renewed energy, vigor, spirit, and (yes, dear listener) even verve! Actually, we’re our usual selves, but slightly overweight and out of practice after gorging ourselves over the holidays, but six of one thing/a half dozen the other. At least we picked a great movie!

Lair of the White Worm

Yep, this one is basically about Amanda Donahoe slithering her way around the screen and chewing the hell out of the scenery in the process…or in some cases spitting green goo on the scenery. Hugh Grant and Peter Capaldi also make appearances, but they are nowhere near as interesting.

On the show, this week: Kirk gets fan mail, Marc makes his return, Matt makes a sudden departure, and Doug whistles a happy tune!

Up Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, folks, because next week is extra special! We’re covering Rock -n- Roll High School, and talking all about it with special guest Eleanor Kagan from the Bonnie & Maude Podcast!


Treatment 148 – Re-Animator

ReAnimatorAll we can really and truly say, for this our final Schlocktober film is that you asked for it!!!


Some would call it a modern classic. Some would say it’s a pillar of the horror community. Some would call it sheer genius. Still others, apparently, would not. Prepare yourself for some inane bickering of the highest order!

GAPE… as Matt and Marc commence what will surely be a legendary argument in the annals of Schlock Treatment!!!

GASP… for breath as it lasts endlessly, despite Doug‘s best efforts to move things along!!!

CRY OUT… for mercy when Kirk joins the fray for a few heroic seconds but must immediately back away from the searing heat of THE POINTLESS ARGUMENT!!!

As always, you can find Re-Animator on Netflix Instant. Feel free to watch it, if you haven’t already, and then head to the comments section below, where there will no doubt be some lively side-taking! Or, just head to iTunes and write us a review! We love them!!!

Next Week: We start November as “Thanks but No Thanks” month! Each Schlock Jock will be allowed to choose one film to torture the others with, for which they will have NO VETO POWER!!! First in line is Doug, who chose The American Astronaut!

Treatment 147 – The People Under the Stairs

McGillSchlocktober continues, and in fine horror film tradition we decide to split up! Yeah, Matt unexpectedly couldn’t make it for this week’s recording, but don’t worry, because we still manage to have a 20 minute mail segment. Except this time, we’re generally nice to the people who write in. Funny, that.

The People Under the Stairs

This week’s movie is widely considered to be part of the “urban horror” genre, because it has some black characters in it! One of those characters is played by the amazing Ving Rhames, but it also has…that guy! Also, be sure not to miss Everett McGill in a gimp suit!

THRILL… as Doug makes a Snackwells Cookie joke, and it breaks Marc up!!!!

SCREAM… in terror, as Kirk get’s a lot of rather positive feedback and does a Matt impression!!!

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… when Marc compares the movie to the TV show Webster!!!

As usual, find the movie on Netflix Instant. We make a point of watching movies that you, the listener, can easily find and watch! Also, if you can, please find us in iTunes and write us a review! Thanks to the folks who wrote new reviews recently, we read them in the mail segment on this very episode. Also, if you’re a stitcher user, please favorite us!

Next Week: It’s the ultimate Schlocktober film from our poll! The winner by a landslide was Re-Animator!!! Yes, we are looking forward to it, so stay tuned!