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Treatment 125 – The Prophecy II

Prophecy2DanzigChris Walken is a legend unto himself, and yet we didn’t choose this film because he’s in it! I know, hard to believe right?! So then why did we choose this film? Well, because our special guest, Mr. James Greene Jr. wrote a book all about The Misfits, called This Music Leaves Stains! Still don’t see the connection? Well, you will for 2.7 minutes of the film, when Glenn Danzig makes an appearance!!

The Prophecy II

Yep, it’s a war between angels, and Chris Walken is leading the charge. Also, Russell Wong is seducing Jennifer Beals to make an Angel/human hybrid super-warrior. And also….I dunno, that’s about the full extent of sense being made.

KNEEL… in reverence as James reveals the full, immense awesomeness that is Glenn Danzig‘s acting career!!!

WORSHIP… at the alter of schlock as Doug pulls out his Walken impression (by popular demand)!!!

PRAY… for death, as the show drags into After Movie Dineresque lengths!!!

As ever, this week’s film is available to watch streaming on Netflix Instant. Also, if you’re looking to learn all about The Misfits, you can find James’ book in our store under “other things we like!! The paperback will be available in fine store everywhere in October, so keep that in mind as well!

Next Week: We get adventuresome and watch Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins!!!