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Treatment 109 – Leviathan

MegFosterPodcast favorites Ernie Hudson and Meg Foster make their triumphant returns on this week’s episode. Matt also makes his triumphant return to attempting to be musical and failing! For other attempts, see The After Movie Diner.

Anyhoo, we dive back into the horror genre this week, and pay the price for our arrogance by having to suffer through this flushed turd of a film.


It’s a sort of The Abyss meets Alien meets The Thing meets Heavenly Bodies. I’m not selling it right, because that sounds amazing and this film really and truly isn’t. Take our word for it. Or just listen to the show.

GASP FOR AIR…. as Doug reveals the horror of Fish Draculas and Kirk reveals the horror of Juggalos!!!

CLAW FOR THE SURFACE… as Matt complains that the movie keeps fulfilling his stupid desires!!!

TURN BLUE FROM ASPYXIATION… as Marc theorizes that Matt gets drunk before every recording session!!!

As always, find the movie (if you really want to) on Netflix Instant! We also added the DVD and the on-demand rental to our store, if you’re so inclined. Please be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast, or write us a review! Then be sure to subscribe for next week!

Next Treatment: Friend of the podcast Christopher Boerger returns to chat about Tales From The Dark Side!!

Treatment 108 – The Octagon

TheOctagonI know that it’s hard to believe, but we somehow managed to go the entire life of our show without ever covering a Chuck Norris movie. Seriously! In a show about bad movies, we never once touched a Norris film!! Amazing, right? Okay, so we briefly talked about his brother during lesser siblings month, but that’s as close as we ever got!

Until now.

The Octagon

Oh yeah, we got Chuck, and we got him in all his excessively hairy, moustachioed, lifeless-line-delivering glory!! The Octagon, might just be the most boring ninja film ever made…with the exception of Ninja Vengeance, of course! But it’s okay, because this time we had the help of the amazing Ralph Santiago III of the RS3Feed!!!


KICK… back and enjoy a long-winded discussion about how to join a secret terrorist organization by looking in the white pages!!!

PUNCH…through…something, as we weirdly end up talking about the ancient American laws that ban ninja activity!!!

HIDE… under the leaves of our craziness and jump out and surprise the foe that is boredom by hearing about widow’s peaks and tonsures!!!

As usual, find The Octagon on Netflix Instant (for now), if you feel like watching it. Yeah, it’s pretty inscrutable. We also found the DVD on Amazon…check our store for that. In the mean time, head to iTunes and write us a rave review for the podcast!!! We DEMAND IT!! Please? Then¬† subscribe for next week’s episode!

Next Treatment: We’re heading under the sea! No, not to deal with carribean-accented crabs, but to deal with a giant monster! It’s LEVIATHAN!!

Treatment 75 – Ghostbusters 2

Is it really a bad thing for Hollywood to pump out a sequel to a hugely beloved film, even if it’s sub-par? Isn’t it better to have more of the characters you love than nothing at all? That’s what we discuss this weekend as we review yet another disappointing sequel!

Ghostbusters 2

The whole crew is back in the second effort from writers Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. But are they as good? Is the plot hackneyed, or just as good as the first? Are the jokes there to induce laughter or vomiting? Opinions are mixed between the Schlock Docs, though everyone agrees that Peter MacNichol steals the show!

TAKE CONTROL… as Marc reveals his theories about the Hollywood formula for sequels!!!

CALL… who you’re going to, as Doug tells the hilarious tale of his drunk friend who fell in the screening of Mr. Bean!!!

BE FILLING WITH JOYFULNESS… as the guys do multiple Jannosh impressions, and declare him the best thing about this movie!!!

Ghostbusters 2 is available streaming on Netflix Instant and on Crackle! It’s also free to stream on Amazon for Prime Members, so look for it in our store! Then be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast! Also, subscribe for next week, when we’ll bring you yet another awful sequel!

Next Treatment: We bring you one more bad sequel with Staying Alive!

Treatment 64 – Congo

Oof! We are a titch late with this week’s episode. We’ve had nothing but problems. First, we’re in the process of changing hosts, so we hope this will mean faster load times in the future. That took some time for the switch to propagate. Second, we had a bit of a screw-up in the microphone department, so the audio is AWFUL this week! Apologies in advance for that.

Of course, the episode with the screwed-up audio  would have to be this one, because this is one FUN movie to talk about!


Yep, it’s Jurassic Park‘s smaller, stupider, younger brother. This movie wanted to be so much, and failed in so many ways. We have fake apes galore, even faker accents, and tons of pointless plot points. We also have the return of Ernie Hudson and Tim Curry, plus a too-short appearance by Bruce Campbell!

THRILL…as Marc awards the ERJ Award to Amy, the talking gorilla!!!

WONDER…at the Matt’s horrific hypothesis about Dr. Peter’s relationship with Amy the talking gorilla!!!

GASP… in amazement, as Kirk and Doug take Matt’s point to it’s logical conclusion in horrible and disgusting ways!!!

As always, this week’s film is available streaming on Netflix Instant. If you really want to torture yourself with Congo, try there! Or go to our store, where you’ll find it available to rent or buy from Amazon, along with a complete library of all the movies we’ve covered! Also, please remember to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast, so you can be sure to hear next week’s regular crystal-clear audio!

Next Week: A treat for children of the 80s, and bad movie fans alike…it’s Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo!!!

Treatment 55 -The Crow

Grab your trench coat! Put on your black eye-makeup!! Dust off your razor blades, and commence cutting!! This week’s episode is going back to the 90s, and boy is it ever depressing!

The Crow

Yep, it’s that bastion of 90s pretension, starring Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee). In this show, we touch on the strange nature of the city in this film, the strange residents, the strange pass times, and the strange powers granted to this supposed superhero. We also stray way of topic on multiple occasions, so that’s fun. Eh….what’s the point. Life is so…LAME!

SIGH… as yet another episode gets off to a rocky start, thanks to Marc‘s ill-preparedness and bad jokes!!!

BE UNIMPRESSED… when Kirk makes an insightful comparison between The Crow and The Wraith, and Matt gets compared to Clint Howard!!!

ROLL YOUR EYES… as Doug is forced to call for a break due to Kirk bringing conversation to a racial place…again!!!

As usual, The Crow is currently available to watch streaming on Netflix instant watch! We also found it on Amazon for digital rental, on DVD, and (if you’re feeling sentimental) as a soundtrack! Find all three in our store! If you’re feeling charitable, drop us a review on iTunes and while you’re there be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

Next Week: We go full-schlock, and return to TV with Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!!