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Treatment 218 – The Baby

retro4sMatt’s back from shore leave, and he’s thrown right back into the mess. The Cool Sandwich Bros are serving up something unusual this week, the meat of which was a little tougher than advertised. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this week’s special is…

The Baby!

Matt and Doug NURTURE the earliest roots of podcasting!

Kirk (???) ROCKS the mailbag!

Matt NURSES a fascination with a certain character’s hair!

Doug theorizes the BIRTH of the men’s rights movement!

Next week: Now that The Baby’s been put to bed, things lighten up considerably around here. If Matt can brave the body change horror field, Doug can finally give Michael J. Fox another chance. Joan Jett may soften the blow, because we’re headed for the Light of Day!

Treatment 107 – The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

GarbageYou know how in those old pictures it always showed the old year as an old man with a really long beard (Langer Dikbeerd), and then it would show the new year as a little baby in a diaper? Yeah, well here’s your Happy New Year baby…

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

First, we should apologize to anyone who watched this film because of us. We are truly sorry, and it shows as we trudge through this awful film. But don’t worry, there are laughs galore….not in the film, but in our awesome show!!

GUFFAW…as Matt makes fun of Kirk’s observations about the movie….again!!!

CHORTLE…when Marc says something perverted…again!!!

SNORT…uncontrollably as Doug does his Raymond impression…again!!!

As usual, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is available to watch on Netflix Instant. Though we recommend avoiding it at all costs!! You can also find it to stream for free on Amazon, if you’re a Prime Member! Check out our store, to find a link! Please be sure to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to be ready as we bring you more awful films in the year to come!

Next Week: We bring out Chuck Norris, and welcome Ralph Santiago back to the show for The Octagon!!

Treatment 106 – The Schlockies

SchlockiesHey everybody! It’s that time of year, time for champagne and resolutions, and our annual year-end wrap-up awards show!


The Schlockies!


This is the show where we go through all of our movies for the year, and each of us picks their favorites for the following categories:

  • Best Schlock
  • Worst Crapfest
  • Best Performance in a Schlock Film
  • Worst Performance in a Schlock Film
  • & The Ultimate ERJ Award Winner

All of our films are special, but some really went above and beyond! Tune into this week’s episode to find out which ones made the grade for each of the hosts of Schlock Treatment?

Many of this year’s films are still available to watch on Netflix Instant, if you want to check them out. Or look through our store to find them on Amazon! In the mean time, we would much appreciate any reviews you could write for the podcast on iTunes. If you don’t have time, just drop a quick 5 star rating!

For a complete list of our films, Letterbox’d users can find a list here!

Next Year: We start the new year off with a bang, by jumping straight into The Garbage Pail Kids Movie!!

Treatment 71 – Maximum Overdrive

Finally, at long last, we come to the end of Large March!

That means we have finally reached the end of our month of truck-related films, and not a moment too soon! After sitting through some of the most boring, uneventful pieces of pure dreck ever committed to celluloid, we round out our month with a Stephen King film!

Maximum Overdrive

This one features King directing his own work, so you know it’s going to be awful! We have soda machines shooting cans out with enough force to kill, hypnotic video game machines, and (of course) a truck with a giant goblin head on the front. We also have Emilio Estevez and Pat Hingle surrounded by guns, rednecks, and poop jokes!

FLOOR IT… as the guys start the show reading one of the strangest bit of reader mail ever!!!

GUN THE ENGINE… of Large March as we laugh at what may be some of the most ridiculous inconsistencies in a story ever!!!

EXPLODE… in a giant ball of fire, as we mark the end of Large March with the awarding of an ERJ Award!!!

Maximum Overdrive is available in full on You Tube, if you know how to search for it. If you don’t (like all of the co-hosts of this podcast), you can just go here. We couldn’t find it streaming on Amazon, but we did find the DVD version for a pretty good price, which you can find in our store!

As always, be sure to look for the podcast iTunes, write us a review, and subscribe for more fun next week!!!

Next Treatment: After the horror of Large March, we don’t learn our lesson at all and dive straight into another theme!! This time we’re doing “bad sequels to good movies!” And we are starting it off with a much needed bang, and Conan the Destroyer! So tune in next time!

Treatment 7 – Dollman

“Thirteen inches with attitude.”

That’s one of the tag lines from this week’s Treatment, Dollman, starring Tim Thomerson.

It’s yet another franchise from Full Moon Entertainment about a tough-as-nails cop from another planet when ends up pursuing a fugitive through some kind of dimensional portal or wormhole or something, and landing on Earth. Only one problem, he’s 1/6th the size of the people of Earth. Let’s just say that when it comes to battling Earth criminals, he’s got a really big problem!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!1! (groan!!)

Yes, jokes like that are begging to be made in this film, though somehow get mostly avoided. It’s like the writers set up a long and involved joke, and never got to the punchline!

HEAR…Doug and Marc argue about whether this film is parody or just plain bad!!

FEEL…the joy of hearing the mathematics of scale discussed in painful detail!!

SHIVER…in cathartic joy, as Doug reveals his pick for this film’s ERJ Award winner!!

All this on this our second Treatment in the 2010 holiday lineup for Schlock Treatment!

Treatment 1 (pt. 2) –She

XenonERJ Award
And now the thrilling conclusion to the saga of SHE!! This episode still has some of the audio issues of the first, but they disappear partway through where we rerecorded the lost ending to the episode. We pick up in part two just after our discussion of the werewolf toga party, and dive right into the discussion of Godan, the sadistic telekinetic.

And, of course, the episode wouldn’t be complete without our discussing XENON! Hands down the most annoying character in the film, and the winner of our first ever Ernie Reyes Jr. Award for annoying performances. Congrats, Xenon!

Listen below by clicking on the media player.