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Treatment 121 – The Golden Child

NumsieThe Secret of My Success was a no-go (thanks a heap, Netflix) so we went to the first runner up in our April’s Fools poll. Naturally, we were all happy to watch this one.

The Golden Child

Ah, Eddie Murphy, how we fondly recall the days when you were cool. Back before you resorted exclusively to children’s programming. This one also features our man James Hong, as well as a slew of Big Trouble in Little China cast members. Also, watch for Ben Dover of Fletch Lives fame.

THRILL… as the chatter devolves into pathetic quoting of funny lines from the film, and we give a listener his due!!!

GASP… at the long silences after many sad joke attempts!!!

AMAZE… as Matt tries to argue that this isn’t our worst episode ever!!!

The Golden Child is seriously wonderful, and is available streaming on Netflix (unlike The Secret of My Success). Be sure to watch it, because it’s great, and we don’t get a lot of those. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast, please! Just don’t base your rating on this boring-ass episode. Also, if you’re into Stitcher, please add us to your favorites and thumb us up or whatever.

Next Week: It’s Summer School! Yes, our continued venture into comedy results in us watching a movie with Mark Harmon. Yeah, well you voted for it…