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Treatment 262 – Gremlins 2: The New Batch

flicks_couch1-2_10We had a minor mishap on the last episode (DOUG lost it), but by a strange stroke of fortune we had an ace-in-the-hole for the same week. We finally got it together to record outside the hallowed halls of Schlock Industries to take a stab at…

Gremlins 2: The New Batch!

Abby makes the hard choices in pests!

Kirk takes a dump on Trump!

Doug nominates Gremlins 2 for an Oscar!

Next week: Space month continues with one of the more questionable entries into the James Bond canon: Moonraker!

Treatment 193- Explorers

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.08.31 PM
Three friends, a dork, a hopeless dreamer, and an all-around badass embark on an incredible journey to go farther than anyone else has ever gone. No, it’s not Kirk, Matt, and Doug (well, it is…) but it’s also this week’s movie starring River Phoenix, Ethan Hawke, and a third kid who is cooler than those first two somehow. It’s 1985’s


Matt adds a brand-new character to the mix, The Perverted Robot Producer!

Doug gives an economics lesson on Bitcoin!

Kirk gets caught up in Dick Miller’s failed dreams!

Next week: The Miners take over for Richard Chamberlain as Allan QuarterMINE in King Solomon’s Mines!

Treatment 160 – Truck Turner

MackTruckTurnerAwwwww yeah, it’s time for some Schloxploitation! Yep, it’s Febuary, and in honor of Black History Month, we’re covering all African-American films from the 1970s (sometimes collectively referred to as Blaxploitation films). And we’re starting it off right with a great film featuring some of our favorite black actors, like Yaphet Kotto, Nichelle Nichols, and Isaac Hayes!!

Truck Turner

This flick has all the requisite blaxploitation ingredients, like goofy pimp outfits, but still manages to just be an excellent action film! There’s drama, intrigue, action, suspense, and badassery!

This week on the show: Doug finally gets to use his “Scott Bakula” joke in association with the film Blackula, despite the fact that we can no longer cover Blackula. Marc is sick, and coughs a lot. Kirk botches his David Bowie impression. And Matt does his “Rockfish”, “Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson”, and “Marc is from Germany” bits………..again.

Next Week: Schloxploitation month continues, this time with special guest Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner Podcast, to discuss Pam Grier in Friday Foster!!!


Treatment 158 – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

RocknrollHighWe’re back, and this time we brought a friend! Our special guest this week is the one and only Eleanor Kagan from the Bonnie & Maude Podcast! She classes up the joint, bringing us some actual interesting info about this week’s movie. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our best behavior for this one (though that still isn’t very good). But, folks…we have the rare Miner-Free-Episode here!!! At last!!!!!

Rock -n- Roll High School

We got kids ruling the school, we’ve got hard-nosed principals, we’ve got bullying hall monitors….oh yeah, and did we mention The Ramones? Because we have The Ramones coming out of the woodwork in this movie! Also, a Van Patten kid, Mary Woronov, and some giant lab rats!

This Week on the Episode: Eleanor drops some mad knowledge; Marc balks on hosting duties and takes the shitty mic until Kirk unplugs the podcast and loses his good mic privileges; Matt slams a past guest big time; and Doug completely loses it over said slam.

Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, so you’re ready for the next episode when we go sword and sandal on your ass!! Yep, if you think the Hobbit was great (or awful), wait until you meet Deathstalker!!

Treatment 145 – Piranha ’78

PiranhaActionHooray! It’s SCHLOCKTOBER!!!

And, as is our tradition, we watch a slew of awful horror films that you, the listener, selected in our Schlocktober Poll! And who could possibly not be excited, happy, and looking forward to such a fun thing?!? Well, Matt, of course. But who besides Matt? Nobody! So without further ado, your fourth place film from the poll!

Piranha ’78

Yes, it’s yet another killer animal film from the seventies!! Man, did they have issues with nature back then, or what?!? Anyway, this one’s all about killer fish, and features lots of people making very stupid decisions. Also, some occasional boobs, and some occasional fish making “nom nom” noises as they devour people.

DIVE… into an amazing mailbag segment that’s full of people talking all about Creep Van, for some weird reason!!!

WADE… right off the deep end, when the guys discuss how to kill fish, and Doug consults General Electric!!!

SINK… your teeth into yet another episode where Matt criticises Kirk, Marc criticizes Matt, and Kirk consults “Genital Electric!!!”

This week’s movie is available streaming on Netflix, if you want to check it out. Also, if you’re enjoying the podcast, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE on iTunes! Also, drop us a rating, while you’re at it! Every rating helps us to get noticed by other listeners. If you’re a Stitcher user, be sure to favorite us!

Next Week: We head into week 2 of Schlocktober, and the 3rd place winner, Dreamscape!

Treatment 84 – Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

InZANE JULYlum continues, with more Billy Zane! This time we actually liked his performance, as he chews the scenery all over this campy Tales from the Crypt feature film entry.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

I don’t know if it was the fig newtons, or if it was the awfulness of last week’s movie, but we were loopy for this film. It’s pretty goofy, lame, and basically feels like a really long episode of the TV show, but we all still thought it was fun.

GET POSESSED… with the spirit of inZANITY, as the guys have trouble keeping it together for this episode!!!

BREAK THE SEAL… as Kirk reveals that he didn’t watch the movie, even though covering it was his idea!!!

RIP OFF THE ARM… of boredom, as Doug and Matt giggle their way around just about every topic except this movie!!!

This week’s episode is a little off topic, but if you decide to watch Demon Knight anyway, you can find it on Netflix Instant!! You can also find it available as a digital rental or on DVD from Amazon! Check our store to find links! In the mean time, head over to rate the podcast on iTunes, and be sure to subscribe for next week’s show!

Next Treatment: We continue your treatments in the InZANE JULYlum with another (partly) Billy Zane flick! This time we cover the mediocre western, Posse!