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Treatment 135 – Jem & GI Joe


Our summer of television, that we’re calling Summer Reruns, continues! We did sci-fi, we did action, so now we’re remembering two after school classics!

Jem & GI Joe!!!

Both of these were requested, and both are amazing in their own special way. Of course, I can’t really talk much about it, since I ended up not watching these in time for the show. In the words of Rick Perry: “Oops.”

THRILL… as we reveal the utter slackitude of one of the guys (it’s Marc)!!!

GASP… as Matt reveals his confusion about the difference between a boat and a car!!!

WONDER… at the continued adventures of the Cool Sandwich Bros and the Pink Ladies to their T-Birds, the Hot Pizza Sluts!!!

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Next Week: Summer Reruns come to a resounding close, with a return to Kolchak:The Night Stalker (Episode “Mr. R.I.N.G.) and a very special visit to The Rockford Files (Episode “The Hammer of C Block”)!!!


Treatment 134 – Battlestar Galactica 78 / Star Trek:TOS

SummerRerunsIt’s week two of our month-long television extravaganza that we’re calling Summer Reruns! Yes, we’re watching the cheesiest episodes of some of the funnest TV shows of the 60s, 70s, and 80s!

Battlestar Galactica 78 / Star Trek:TOS

Battlestar turns out to be a bit of a snore-fest, as we watch Baltar’s Escape from Season 1. Though some of us are surprised that it takes itself a bit more seriously than we expected! Then we swing into high gear, with the Season 1 Star Trek:TOS episode Devil in the Dark!

TRANSPORT… yourself, as Matt kick’s off the first ever episode of Cool Sandwich Bros, and Marc reveals what his gym teacher used to call him in Junior High!!!

WARP… your reality into one that’s slightly better, when Doug reads the listeners’ favorite TV Show themes, and much bad singing ensues!!!

NAVIGATE… the amazing course of a Schlock Treatment conversation, as Kirk actually tries to write material, Matt starts talking about chickens, the characters of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether are brought about, and Doug drops some Robear Burble knowledge!!

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Next Week: More Summer Reruns, but this time in the form of cartoons! We’re talking GI Joe (Once Upon a Joe), and Jem and the Holograms (Journey Through Time)!!!