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Treatment 171 – The Addams Family

trainIt’s the third week of our April’s Fools theme, and true to form we are already falling apart! This week we talk all about your number 2 pick from the poll, and there is much bickering.

The Addams Family

This Week: Matt is breathing heavy!!! Marc is annoyed by a 3 second scene in the film!!! Kirk is the liveliest he’s ever been!! And Doug rates hundreds of comedies with 5 stars!!!

Next time: We finally get to your number one pick, The Master of Disguise!!

Treatment 170 – Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

ElviraApril’s Fools month continues, with the 3rd place movie from our listener poll!

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

This Week: Kirk coughs a lot, and has to leave the room due to choking!!! Doug expresses extreme revulsion toward yellow mustard!!! Matt laughs at his own jokes and thinks he’s “on fire”…several times!! Marc gives up halfway through the show and wants to throw in the towel!!!

Next Week: The Addams Family!

Treatment 169 – Airplane II: The Sequel

airplaneIIIt’s April, and that means we’re starting out our April’s Fools month! This month will be dedicated to covering your favorite comedies, all chosen by you-the-listener in the latest Schlock Treatment poll! And, in the number 4 spot, comes a (sequel to a) classic!

Airplane II: The Sequel

Pretty much the entire cast (minus Leslie Nielson) is back to make the same jokes all over again! But we’re totally okay with that! Plus, they threw inĀ William Shatner, as a bonus! Thanks, guys who didn’t actually make the original!

This Week: Doug goes missing…AGAIN!! Kirk, shares even more embarrassing childhood anecdotes about not knowing what parts of his body were for!! Matt and Marc return to their favorite pastime: having pointless arguments about things that don’t actually matter (yes they do….no they don’t)!!

Next Week: We continue April’s Fools with number 3 in the poll winners, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!!

Treatment 107 – The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

GarbageYou know how in those old pictures it always showed the old year as an old man with a really long beard (Langer Dikbeerd), and then it would show the new year as a little baby in a diaper? Yeah, well here’s your Happy New Year baby…

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

First, we should apologize to anyone who watched this film because of us. We are truly sorry, and it shows as we trudge through this awful film. But don’t worry, there are laughs galore….not in the film, but in our awesome show!!

GUFFAW…as Matt makes fun of Kirk’s observations about the movie….again!!!

CHORTLE…when Marc says something perverted…again!!!

SNORT…uncontrollably as Doug does his Raymond impression…again!!!

As usual, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is available to watch on Netflix Instant. Though we recommend avoiding it at all costs!! You can also find it to stream for free on Amazon, if you’re a Prime Member! Check out our store, to find a link! Please be sure to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to be ready as we bring you more awful films in the year to come!

Next Week: We bring out Chuck Norris, and welcome Ralph Santiago back to the show for The Octagon!!

Treatment 75 – Ghostbusters 2

Is it really a bad thing for Hollywood to pump out a sequel to a hugely beloved film, even if it’s sub-par? Isn’t it better to have more of the characters you love than nothing at all? That’s what we discuss this weekend as we review yet another disappointing sequel!

Ghostbusters 2

The whole crew is back in the second effort from writers Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. But are they as good? Is the plot hackneyed, or just as good as the first? Are the jokes there to induce laughter or vomiting? Opinions are mixed between the Schlock Docs, though everyone agrees that Peter MacNichol steals the show!

TAKE CONTROL… as Marc reveals his theories about the Hollywood formula for sequels!!!

CALL… who you’re going to, as Doug tells the hilarious tale of his drunk friend who fell in the screening of Mr. Bean!!!

BE FILLING WITH JOYFULNESS… as the guys do multiple Jannosh impressions, and declare him the best thing about this movie!!!

Ghostbusters 2 is available streaming on Netflix Instant and on Crackle! It’s also free to stream on Amazon for Prime Members, so look for it in our store! Then be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast! Also, subscribe for next week, when we’ll bring you yet another awful sequel!

Next Treatment: We bring you one more bad sequel with Staying Alive!