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Treatment 257 – Masters of the Universe

Skeletor and the Curious QuartetThis was a big one–we needed a hand with a project this sizable. We’re joined once again by our old friend and future Schlock Treatment Hall-of-Famer, Kirk Howle! (He has experience with this sort of thing, you know.) This week, we travel to a strange dimension, one of goofy sights and terrible sounds, as we try to determine just who are the…

Masters of the Universe!

Matt delves too deeply in Marc’s psyche!

Kirk says the weirdest stuff!

Doug shares an important health tip on smoking!

Next week: We look at a lesser Gotham superhero when we visit Catwoman!

Treatment 210 – Willow

madmart_cage“Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot” resumes this week, after three visits from the Four Horsemen of Pestilence, Shit Weather, and Guest Podcaster.  For week three, though, we managed to pencil in our man, Val Kilmer, with his sword-and-sorcery epic…


The Matt and Doug Show figure out which songs play best backward!

Doug mixes up two classic comedy teams!

Matt bases his lecture on an actor’s blessed career on a free Google book!

Our MVP, Matt’s dad, busts out an amazing utility belt and joins a revered superhero team!

Next week: Will we finally close out January before the end of February? Who’s to say? But we will try to give Christian Slater his turn at bat when we check out Hard Rain!