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Treatment 148 – Re-Animator

ReAnimatorAll we can really and truly say, for this our final Schlocktober film is that you asked for it!!!


Some would call it a modern classic. Some would say it’s a pillar of the horror community. Some would call it sheer genius. Still others, apparently, would not. Prepare yourself for some inane bickering of the highest order!

GAPE… as Matt and Marc commence what will surely be a legendary argument in the annals of Schlock Treatment!!!

GASP… for breath as it lasts endlessly, despite Doug‘s best efforts to move things along!!!

CRY OUT… for mercy when Kirk joins the fray for a few heroic seconds but must immediately back away from the searing heat of THE POINTLESS ARGUMENT!!!

As always, you can find Re-Animator on Netflix Instant. Feel free to watch it, if you haven’t already, and then head to the comments section below, where there will no doubt be some lively side-taking! Or, just head to iTunes and write us a review! We love them!!!

Next Week: We start November as “Thanks but No Thanks” month! Each Schlock Jock will be allowed to choose one film to torture the others with, for which they will have NO VETO POWER!!! First in line is Doug, who chose The American Astronaut!