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Treatment 172 – Master of Disguise

disguiseThis week’s episode is so masterfully disguised that you just won’t believe it! It’ll make you sick! You’ll be shattered! You’ll be saddened…by the end of our April’s Fools month!!! But, it’s not all bad, because we have a surprise guest in the form of Ralph Santiago III!!!!

The Master of Disguise

This Week: Ralph brings treats, but confesses that he didn’t watch the piece of shit movie we chose!!! Doug, shares his early experiences seeing breasts!! Kirk reveals the surprise of all surprises: that he was weird in High School (gasp)!! And Matt leaves us to go show off his impressive slacks, but not before dropping more Mrs. Mattfire references!!!

Next Week: We’re off themes and going to a classic: Big Trouble In Little China!!!

Treatment 158 – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

RocknrollHighWe’re back, and this time we brought a friend! Our special guest this week is the one and only Eleanor Kagan from the Bonnie & Maude Podcast! She classes up the joint, bringing us some actual interesting info about this week’s movie. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our best behavior for this one (though that still isn’t very good). But, folks…we have the rare Miner-Free-Episode here!!! At last!!!!!

Rock -n- Roll High School

We got kids ruling the school, we’ve got hard-nosed principals, we’ve got bullying hall monitors….oh yeah, and did we mention The Ramones? Because we have The Ramones coming out of the woodwork in this movie! Also, a Van Patten kid, Mary Woronov, and some giant lab rats!

This Week on the Episode: Eleanor drops some mad knowledge; Marc balks on hosting duties and takes the shitty mic until Kirk unplugs the podcast and loses his good mic privileges; Matt slams a past guest big time; and Doug completely loses it over said slam.

Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, so you’re ready for the next episode when we go sword and sandal on your ass!! Yep, if you think the Hobbit was great (or awful), wait until you meet Deathstalker!!

Treatment 153 – Jingle All the Way


It’s the first week of December 2013 Month of Holiday Schlock and we forgot to come up with a clever name for this month. But we’re not letting that oversight dampen our holiday spirit! And neither should you! Because this week we’re covering one hell of a nutcracker of a movie.

Jingle All the Way

That’s right, it’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger sort-of-superhero sort-of-comedy movie where an all-star cast boasting such names as Sinbad and Curtis Armstrong stand in the way of one father’s quest to buy his mopey kid a crappy toy for Christmas.

JINGLE YOUR BELLS as Kirk is so out of it he decides to announce what year we are in for some reason, but he gets it completely wrong!!!

ROAST YOUR CHESTNUTS OVER AN OPEN FIRE as Doug reveals his horrifying secret about how he spent his Thanksgiving break!!!

RUN GRANDMA OVER WITH A REINDEER as special guest Abby Denson starts a flame war with next week’s guest!!!

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NEXT WEEK: We will be joined by special guest Jonathan Valuckas to cover Knight Rider season 2, episode 12: Silent Knight!!!

Treatment 152 – Zapped!

zappedIt’s the final week in our Thank, But No Thanks series, where each of us gets to choose a movie that nobody else can veto. The effect is to torture everyone, pretty much. Anyway, not wishing to be outdone, Matt chooses a real doozy this week!


Yep, Charles is in charge here, and he’s a nerd with telekinesis. This means he pops open girls blouses, and levitates cleaning equipment. We are all super hot on this film, as you can well imagine.

GASP… as Doug reveals his impressive drug knowledge by knowing what the acronym NORML stands for!!!

THRILL… when Matt introduces a new character to compliment the miners…it’s the major!!!

GASP SOME MORE… when Kirk reveals what state he used to go to and get drunk!!!

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In TWO WEEKS: After a week off (due to Thanksgiving) December starts with a bang featuring Jingle All the Way, and special guest Abby Denson!!!

Treatment 123 – Ghost Dad

GhostDadOur experiment in comedy draws to a close, as we attack one of the more schlocky pieces of cinema picked by listeners for our April’s Fools month.

Ghost Dad

Bill Cosby makes his triumphant return to the show, with this weird tale about a single Dad who gets killed by a Satanic Cab driver and comes back to close a deal at work so he can have a pension plan that will cover his kids expenses. Yes, really.

THRILL… as Doug rolls out the ultimate wisecrack 10 minutes into the show and the rest of the gang don’t see much point in continuing!!!

GASP… in amazement, as Kirk whips out a rather impressive Sidney Poitier impression!!!

SHRIEK… with joy as Matt mysteriously becomes more drunk as the show proceeds, despite never drinking a drop!!!

Ghost Dad is currently available on Netflix Instant, so have a look for it there. After giving it a watch, drop by iTunes to rate the podcast!! We love hearing your feedback, even if we really act like we don’t give a crap on the show! No, really!!! Also, have you favorited us on Stitcher? Because we’re on there…look for us!

Next Week: We’re getting back into some serious schlock, with the shitty dinosaur horror film Carnosaur!!!

Treatment 107 – The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

GarbageYou know how in those old pictures it always showed the old year as an old man with a really long beard (Langer Dikbeerd), and then it would show the new year as a little baby in a diaper? Yeah, well here’s your Happy New Year baby…

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

First, we should apologize to anyone who watched this film because of us. We are truly sorry, and it shows as we trudge through this awful film. But don’t worry, there are laughs galore….not in the film, but in our awesome show!!

GUFFAW…as Matt makes fun of Kirk’s observations about the movie….again!!!

CHORTLE…when Marc says something perverted…again!!!

SNORT…uncontrollably as Doug does his Raymond impression…again!!!

As usual, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is available to watch on Netflix Instant. Though we recommend avoiding it at all costs!! You can also find it to stream for free on Amazon, if you’re a Prime Member! Check out our store, to find a link! Please be sure to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to be ready as we bring you more awful films in the year to come!

Next Week: We bring out Chuck Norris, and welcome Ralph Santiago back to the show for The Octagon!!