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Treatment 153 – Jingle All the Way


It’s the first week of December 2013 Month of Holiday Schlock and we forgot to come up with a clever name for this month. But we’re not letting that oversight dampen our holiday spirit! And neither should you! Because this week we’re covering one hell of a nutcracker of a movie.

Jingle All the Way

That’s right, it’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger sort-of-superhero sort-of-comedy movie where an all-star cast boasting such names as Sinbad and Curtis Armstrong stand in the way of one father’s quest to buy his mopey kid a crappy toy for Christmas.

JINGLE YOUR BELLS as Kirk is so out of it he decides to announce what year we are in for some reason, but he gets it completely wrong!!!

ROAST YOUR CHESTNUTS OVER AN OPEN FIRE as Doug reveals his horrifying secret about how he spent his Thanksgiving break!!!

RUN GRANDMA OVER WITH A REINDEER as special guest Abby Denson starts a flame war with next week’s guest!!!

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NEXT WEEK: We will be joined by special guest Jonathan Valuckas to cover Knight Rider season 2, episode 12: Silent Knight!!!

Treatment 72 – Conan the Destroyer

After a long stretch of boring truck movies, we decided to bring some action to the show! To that end, we’re doing a string of bad sequels to great films! And we’re kicking it off, with the sequel to a sword and sorcery classic!

Conan the Destroyer

Destroyer fails on several counts despite a great cast and a wonderful template from the first film, Conan the Barbarian! It features a meandering, and pointless plot, an exceedingly annoying sidekick, and a relative lack of nudity and gore. Disappointing, to say the least. The schlock docs all admit to enjoying it, despite it’s shortcomings, though.

GRAB IT… with us, as we discuss the joys of Grace Jones‘ performance!!!

TAKE IT… as we read a couple iTunes reviews, and reveal an Easter egg (just in time for easter) on our iTunes page!!!

PUNCH THE CAMEL… again, and again, as we somehow manage to discuss Titanic, Indiana Jones, and an imaginary conversation between André the Giant and Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!

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Next Week: We continue with bad sequels to good films, and revisit the musical genre! We cover the mediocre sequel, Grease 2!!

Treatment 29 –Commando

We’re a week late for Memorial Day, but better late than never. We thought that we would honor our fallen veterans by celebrating ridiculously over-the-top violence! And no movie does it quite like this one.


Most will recall this film from the 80s, because it was actually a pretty successful release. Naturally, it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role, and also features Alyssa Milano as his beloved, but kidnapped, daughter. It also has Rae Dawn Chong as a rather put-upon stewardess, who gets wrapped up in a world of sea planes and rocket launchers!

FILL UP… on Matt and Doug giggling away over the idea of Marc mispronouncing his name as “Mork MarcDonald!!” (You’ll get your fill of this, I assure you.)

DRINK IN… the first Marc-Free moment, when Marc has to leave the room due sudden onset of hiccups!!!

FREAK OUT… as Kirk makes an unexpected telephone cameo!!!

As usual, the film is available for streaming on Netflix Instant. You can also find it for instant rental and on DVD in our store! You might be able to find the famed Encino Man novelization in our store, as well…in case you’re looking for it. Listen to the podcast to find out why it’s famous. All this and more on this week’s Schlock Treatment!