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Treatment 110 – Tales from the Darkside:The Movie

CatFaceThis week we tackle yet another anthology film, and sadly it does entail a Stephen King writing credit. It’s another cat story…seems cats are his “pet” peeve! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Ahem…anyway, sorry. As a consolation, we also welcome back Christopher Boerger for another guest appearance on this week’s show.

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Joey Lawrence’s kid brother makes an appearance in this one, if you’re looking for a good reason not to watch it. It also features a slew of big name actors…mostly before they had reputations to destroy.

THRILL… as Christopher tries in vain to convince Marc to cover R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet!!!

SHRIEK… as Doug thinks Kirk‘s Christian Slater impression is a Peter Lorre impression!!!

YAWN... as the podcast stretches to 80+ minutes thanks to a protracted period of Matt confusing Gargoyles with Goblins!!!

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Next Week: We’re going full cult, and watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!!

Treatment 99 – Creepshow 2

Schlocktober comes slamming to an amazing close, with the movie that you, the listener, picked over all others!! Yes, you voted for it! So, if you’re thinking of holding us responsible, don’t even try it. You wanted this horrendous pile of shit, and you got it. You got exactly what you deserved, you little creeps! And no more wire hangers!!!

Creepshow 2

This one features George Kennedy, and that’s the closest thing to star power it has. Stephen King is up to his old tricks again. And by “tricks” we mean “awful, cliched, boring stories that have the literary merit of a dead baby joke.” Thanks, Stephen King.

THRILL… as Kirk reveals his new guide to making jokes the Kirk way, called “Kirk’sHow 2!!”

SCREAM… in terror, as Doug tries his Vaudeville routine, but Kirk fucks it up!!!

CRINGE… horribly, as the guys discuss the pros and cons of putting date rape in your film!!!

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Next Week: It’s our 100th episode!!! Holy crap! To celebrate, we’re re-visiting the movie that started it all in Episodes 1 & 2, She!! Join us to see how our views have changed, and to find out what Matt thinks of our inaugural film!