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Treatment 207- Batman Returns

A New Year is upon us and that means that Kirk has been tossed to the curb with all the old dead Christmas trees. We’re down to two hosts, but the best two. Let the Doug and Matt era begin with…

Batman Returns!

Matt and Doug do many Christopher Walken impressions.

Matt and Doug discuss the perverse over-sexualiztion of The Penguin.

Matt and Doug reform the Village People with all new members!

Next week: We welcome back everyone’s favorite pervert, Abby Denson when we cover the Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, Village People classic Can’t Stop the Music!

Treatment 201 – RoboCop the 3rd


The third week of Thanks But No Thanks, on the tails of Marc’s triumphant return, finds the fellas with the Ghost of Don Pardo, discovering what the heart truly wants, fumbling with math, song names and Police Academy sequel titles, all in service of Kirk’s pick…

RoboCop 3!

Wrestler count this week: 1, Sting. Fried chicken commercial count: 1, RoboCop.

Kirk invents a new species of robutt!

Doug reboots every movie soundtrack ever!

Matt reveals the white man’s devil’s secret weakness!

Next week: No surprise this time, as Marc McDonald returns with his TBNT pick, The NeverEnding Story!!!

Treatment 163 – One Down, Two To Go

OneDownWe finally bring Schloxsploitation month to a close, here at Schlock Treatment. Despite Brotherhood of Death dampening our spirits, this week we find ourselves (somewhat) re-invigorated for a classic film featuring a classic cast!

One Down, Two To Go

Okay, get this…it has Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree, AND Jim Kelly in it! It’s got to be amazing, right? Well…let’s just say that opinions differ.

On This Week’s Episode: Kirk tells a joke that nobody gets! Marc makes a joke that nobody thinks is funny! Matt screws up a joke about Dennis Franz! And Doug brings up the miners again to a mixed reception!

Next Week: Special guest Maggie Serota stops by to talk about Escape From L.A.!!

Treatment 161 – Friday Foster

FridayFosterSchloxploitation month continues, as we shift our focus from Isaac Hayes to the amazing Pam Grier! We bring in a special guest, Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner, to talk all things Grier!

Friday Foster

This flick has sexy Pam Grier, super cool Yaphet Kotto, and so much more! There are shootouts, car chases, pimps, garbage trucks backing over phone booths, horny priests, and the list goes on and on!

On This Episode: Jon shares his stories about Pam Grier touching his beard, his thoughts on the blaxploitation genre, his idea for a new exploitation genre about Brits, his love for Thalmus Rasulala, his jokes about jerk-off creme, his fondness for Live and Let Die, and so much more!!! Kirk is ginger, and tries to be supportive! Marc coughs a lot and rants about Matt’s absence! And Doug tries to get a word in edgewise!

Next Week: We carry on discussing schloxploitation gems with Brotherhood of Death!!!

Treatment 160 – Truck Turner

MackTruckTurnerAwwwww yeah, it’s time for some Schloxploitation! Yep, it’s Febuary, and in honor of Black History Month, we’re covering all African-American films from the 1970s (sometimes collectively referred to as Blaxploitation films). And we’re starting it off right with a great film featuring some of our favorite black actors, like Yaphet Kotto, Nichelle Nichols, and Isaac Hayes!!

Truck Turner

This flick has all the requisite blaxploitation ingredients, like goofy pimp outfits, but still manages to just be an excellent action film! There’s drama, intrigue, action, suspense, and badassery!

This week on the show: Doug finally gets to use his “Scott Bakula” joke in association with the film Blackula, despite the fact that we can no longer cover Blackula. Marc is sick, and coughs a lot. Kirk botches his David Bowie impression. And Matt does his “Rockfish”, “Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson”, and “Marc is from Germany” bits………..again.

Next Week: Schloxploitation month continues, this time with special guest Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner Podcast, to discuss Pam Grier in Friday Foster!!!


Treatment 151 – Road House

samelliotOur Thanks, But No Thanks month continues, as Marc brings his movie pick to the mix.

Road House

This film needs no introduction.

BE NICE… when Doug sifts through yet another mailbag to reveal mixed opinions on miners!!!

TAKE THE PAIN… when Kirk is really confused about Kelly Lynch!!!

IT’S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY… when Matt confesses an admiration for Sam Elliott’s hair!!!

Fine Road House on netflix streaming right now…then head over to iTunes and drop us a review! We also recommend subscribing, so that you don’t miss future episodes!

Next Week: Matt brings us into his weird world by choosing Zapped!, starring those guys from Charles in Charge!