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Treatment 231 – Quincy Vice, M.E. (Miami Examiner)

mve18-25We went from a full house with fellows last week to an empty nest this week, but that’s OK, because it’s time for Summer Reruns! It’s our annual trip back in time to an age of just watching whatever was on TV at that moment. Truly our civilization has come far since the early 1990s. We kick this off in the seedy underbelly of Miami and the nondescript coast of the “Republic of San Christos” with…

Miami Vice and Quincy, M.E.!

Doug shocks Matt with a dramatic opening!

Matt unveils his shocking theory on the identities of Zito and Switek!

Matt and Doug swap Phillip Michael Thomas career knowledge!

Next week: It’s summertime, so were headed for the beach! We’re not just staying for the day, though. We’ll start with a Bash at Baywatch, the stick around for another on Baywatch Nights!

Treatment 209- The Care Bears Movie / The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.21.30 PM
After a couple weeks of sick Doug BLIZZARD technical difficulties, we are back with a vengeance. Special Guest Jamie Casbon brings enough heat to thaw a NYC snowstorm with…

The Care Bears Movie & The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Okay so maybe Matt screwed up telling Doug what movie they were covering this week and Doug watched the first Care Bears movie while Jamie watched the second. BUT we ended up with double the amount of insane Care Bear antics and to atone Matt watched them both. SO check it out as…

Doug breaks down the inner workings of Mr. Fettucine.

Matt  provides a long needed Gotham update.

And everyone complains about the lack of continuity within and between the movies!

Also, check out Jamie in the new web series BROTHERS!

Next Week: We’re going to actually try to continue our quest to find old favorites by finally covering the epic fantasy Willow, starring Val Kilmer and Warlock Davis

Treatment 191 – Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice


rickclownWelcome to the thrilling conclusion of Summer Reruns 2014, listener! This week we take you on a death-defying rollercoaster ride into the the revolting belly of the underworld of detective dramas…

Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice!

Our fearless crimefighters take down the seedy element as…

Kirk comes to the rescue when he transforms into Arkscream!

Doug ’s Ice-T joins SZU to keep animals off the DL!

Matt-gum P.I. sleuths the origins of Higgins!

Next week: We’re back to proper cinema with the ongoing final battle in the undying (but not a vampire) Highlander series, Highlander 3: The Sorcerer: The Final Dimension: The Too Many Subtitles!

Treatment 190- The Karate Kid Animated Series and G.I. Joe

Karate Kid GI Joe
Sometimes they take a movie and turn it into a cartoon years later but then also other times they take a cartoon and turn it into a movie years later. They’ve done at least one of those things each with

The Karate Kid Animated Series and G.I. Joe!!

Kirk paints various objects to place them into walls!

Matt unveils his idea for a Falling Down cartoon franchise!

Doug does a Cobra Commander impression for the ages!

Next week: We venture into action of SUMMER RERUNS as we cover Magnum PI (season 2: episode 21 “The Elmo Ziller Story”) and Miami Vice (season 2: episode 11 “Back in the World”)!

Treatment 189 – Beauty and the Beast and Quantum Leap

Beauty-and-the-LeapGood news for people who like the idea of fusing humans with animals in one fashion or another! In today’s episode we are talking about two classic TV episodes that do just that, as we discuss…

Beauty and the Beast  and Quantum Leap!

Kirk teaches us how violence can be used to help one prepare to record a podcast!

Matt uses the science of cartoons to teach us how thermometers work!

Doug teaches us the importance of letting your emotions out to avoid catastrophe!

Next week: We venture into cartoon territory of SUMMER RERUNS as we cover The Karate Kid (season 1: episode 6 “All the World His Stage”) and G.I. Joe (season 1: episode 61 “Cold Slither”)!

Treatment 188- Dinosaurs and Punky Brewster

punkyfridgeSummer Reruns continues with dubious kids-and-adult-Matt Ringler entertainment in the forms of Dinosaurs and Punky Brewster! Listen as…

Kirk’s brain goes all piped up and dried out!

Matt figures out where #MaybeSomeWomen want to be!

Doug revives Matthew Broderick’s career with one simple chimpanzee!

Marc (rest in podcast) Dennis Nedrys the website!

Make sure to visit our new, improved website,!

Summer Reruns continues next week, as we aim for the stars with Quantum Leap (S4E7), but wind up in the gutter with Beauty and the Beast (S1E8)!