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Treatment 115 – Solarbabies

SolarbabiesOkay, so we slipped a bit last week. But don’t worry, because this week we are back on form (though minus one). And we jump back into the swing of things with a heaping helping of kid glurge in the shape of…


It’s a post-apocalyptic feel-good bit of cheese with a cast of thousands of wonderful character actors like Terrence Mann, Sarah Douglas, Charles Durning, Richard Jordan, and even Peter DeLuise! Oh, yeah…it also has Jaime Gertz, Adrian Pasdar and Jason Patric.

SKATE…your way back into the swing of things, as Marc and Matt reunite against their common enemy, Kirk!!!

ROLL… your eyes as Marc manages to confuse Shelley Duvall for Shelly Long for the entire podcast!!!

SCORE…big time, as Doug coins the new term: Dawson’s Creeking!!!

Solarbabies is currently streaming on Netflix, and we advise caution. It’s also free for Prime Members on Amazon, if you’re one of those. Check our store to find a link. When you’re done there, be sure to head to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast there! Also, if you’re a Stitcher user, we have a link to our show to the right!

Next Week: We’re taking on TV yet again! This time it’s the pilot film for the TV Show, AIRWOLF! So, don’t miss it!

Treatment 113 – The Dungeonmaster

DungeonmasterComing off our high from Sleepaway Camp, we descend into the DTs of moviedom. And what could be more appropriate for coming down, than a horror/sci-fi/fantasy film that was so awful it needed seven directors? It’s so bad, that Doug ends up bowing out for this episode…that bastard!

The Dungeonmaster

Richard Moll makes his debut appearance as a Schlock Treatment subject thanks to this truly awful film. It has computers, lasers, goblins, demons, zombies, Jack the Ripper, serial killers, cop-donut jokes, dwarfs with guns, monkey statues, and so much more! Despite all this, however, it manages to bore the hell out of all of us!

GET ZAPPED…when Doug disappears due to being sucked into a weird game of laser tag!!!

LINK UP…as Matt really and truly gets mad at this week’s film for being so awful!!!

REJECT OUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE YOUR OWN…as Kirk and Marc belt out the MacGyver theme with style and grace!!!

Find The Dungeonmaster on Netflix Instant, if you’re a masochist. Also, be sure to rate the podcast on iTunes, and look for us on Stitcher! Click the links to the right to find us on those services!

Next Week: We go after oscar nominee, Ben Affleck in a big way in Phantoms!!

Treatment 100!!! – She (revisited)

It’s finally here!

Sandy did her darnedest, and managed to delay us a week. We’ve fought power outages, flooding, gas shortages, and all pop-tart diets. But, now, finally we are back and bringing you a very special 100th Episode! Special in the sense that we’re covering a movie we already covered once. That’s special, right?


Yes, She was the very first film we covered. You can still find that episode (and part 2, episode 2) here on the website, but we don’t recommend it. It’s long and rambling, and the audio is horrifyingly bad! She, on the other hand, is amazingly good! We call it one of the best schlock movies of all time!

REMINISCE… with the guys, as they talk about their early effort at covering the film, and Matt aptly compares it to the KTMA season of MST3k!!!

BUILD… on the legend that is Schlock Treatment with several new running gags, and soon-to-be-call-backs!!!

CELEBRATE… 100 episodes of rambling podcasting, as we derail yet another episode, this time with a meandering discussion about Yes and chess!!!

She is (still) available on Netflix, even after all this time! We encourage you to check it out, since it’s hilarious. It’s probably still available in our store, even! Also, please head to iTunes and write us a review! It should be your 100th episode gift to us!

Next Treatment: We kick off our second hundred episodes with something different, by heading back to the small screen! Be sure to check out Episodes 5 & 6 of MacGyver Season 1, now streaming on Netflix!!!

Treatment 90 – Deathsport

Coming off our high from Starcrash, we dive straight into another 70s schlock title. Only, this time, we (star)crash and burn! We should have known better, what with this being a Corman picture, but we figured that if it had Carradine, it might reach Death Race 2000‘s exalted levels! Nope.


Nomads, mutants, and swords made of crystal…it must be THE FUTURE!! Yup, it’s the post-apocalypse again, and David Carradine is traipsing around a wasteland wearing a loin cloth. Ugh. But don’t worry, the plot is pointless too! This one also features that guy from God Told Me To Kill. Yay.

THRILL… as the ST gang discusses such racy topics as BDSM, mono, and auto-erotic asphyxiation!!!

WONDER…. at the amazing future, where thermoses are deadly weapons!!!

SIGH… as you realize Deathsport features only 3 minutes of the famed Deathsport!!!

Deathsport can be found on Netflix Instant. We checked Amazon, but couldn’t find it for less than 30 bucks. And let’s face it, nobody needs to own this film. Visit our store anyway, if you want to buy something else. The head to iTunes and drop a rating for the podcast! We also love people that subscribe, so we can make you dance on our disco floor of dangling crystals until you die of shock (or schlock)!

Next Week: We are heading back to the safety of a ninja movie, with American Ninja 4: The Annihilation!!!

Treatment 49 -Night of the Comet

Ta DAA!!! Here it is, everyone! You voted for it in our Schlocktober Poll, and this is the number one pick and our honorary Halloween episode!!

Night of the Comet

This is a classic bit of 80s zombie action, even though it’s a bit light on zombies and a bit light on action. At least it’s heavy on fun, though, with clever quips, savvy characters, and a totally tubular soundtrack!

BUNKER DOWN… for our most candy-filled podcast of the year!!!

LOAD UP… on sugar as Marc, Doug and Matt discuss Smarties, Whoppers, and Mary Janes!!! (also the movie)

STAY ALERT… for references to Marlee Matlin, Erik Estrada, and Hannibal‘s cigar in The A-Team!!!

We apologize in advance for the constant unwrapping, eating, and talking about candy bars. You’ll enjoy it best if you have candy of your own to make the experience more immersive. You can find Night of the Comet streaming on Netflix Instant. You can also find the DVD in our store, if you’re inclined to own this little gem.

Also, please write the podcast a review on iTunes! We need the exposure!!

Next Week’s Treatment: Fire and Ice take two! We’re going back to the Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta flick as our first animated feature!

Treatment 14 – Steel Dawn

The Swayz makes his first (and probably only) Schlock Treatment appearance, at last!! He plays it mighty cool, as The Swayz is wont to do, in this one.  It’s the old “aimless, wizened wanderer” meme that tends to plague post-apocalyptic flicks.  Naturally, he bags the babe, kills the baddie, and does some headstands. The film is, of course, Steel Dawn.

QUIVER… at the sight of The Swayz bathing in a mop-bucket!!!

TREMBLE… as Johnny Alucard returns with even more foppish verbiage!!!

WONDER… at the availability of 80s hair care products in the post-apocalytic wastes!!!

All that fun, wrapped  into the final “A New Year brings the End of the World” themed episode of Schlock Treatment!  Plus we welcome a new co-host, Matt Ringler, to the ST crew! Check it out!