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Treatment 250 – Labyrinth

peeing gifWe’re all together again for the holidays, and like all other families, it’s nice…on paper. Yes, as promised, the boys are back for a Thanksgiving like never before. Marc and Kirk swing by to help celebrate 250 episodes of this podcast with a real treat. Instead of football after the turkey, we tuned into…


Marc gets roped into a taxonomy classification!

Kirk breaks The Pick-up Arists’s code!

Matt drops an intense theory as to what this movie means!

Doug defends Superman’s economic status!

Next week: We kick off the second half of the holiday season with The Visitor!

**For reference to this week’s references, visit our YouTube channel.**

Treatment 219- Light of Day

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 3.54.42 PM
The Matt & Doug Show tries desperately to re-live a favorite of Matt’s youth but unfortunately, Matt remembered this movie way differently and without the now infamous “bathtub scene.” Joan Jett, Michael McKean, and Michael J. Fox in …

Light of Day!

Matt and Doug discuss the Elvis. Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix mixtape!

Matt talks about his love for Joan Jett!

Doug does a perfect impression of Matt’s dad!

Next week: We go full Teenwolf Month, following up Michael J. Fox with Jason Bateman in Moving Target!

Treatment 208- Can’t Stop the Music

Can't Stop the MusicIn the second thrilling week of Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, we’re honored with a return visit from everyone’s favorite, Abby Denson! With her in mind, we chose to  revisit what we hoped would be a Steve Guttenberg classic in…

Can’t Stop the Music!


Doug adds a new hanky to the backpocket system!

Abby comes armed (way better than the Soldier) with a wealth of Village People knowledge!

Matt shakes Abby to the core with his knowledge of mustache terminology!

All three work together to discover the secret link from Can’t Stop the Music to another of New York City’s mystical realms. Tune in to find out which one!

Next Week: We continue our quest to find old favorites in the epic fantasy Willow, starring Val Kilmer and Warlock Davis The Care Bears Movie II: The New Generation!

Treatment 199 – Head (The Monkees)

We kick off the second annual Thanks but No Thanks with Doug’s pick, the trippy, wacky, kicky, daffy feature film debut and demise of the Monkees…


We also tackle TV law grammar, Dicks/Tudyks maths, and, in a new feature, we’re keeping track of pro wrestlers referenced per podcast. This week’s is really stacked, featuring, in order of mention: Al Snow, Mankind, the Undertaker, Yokozuna, Mulk Mogan (the guy in the Lucy and Ramona video), Hulk Hogan, and “Rowdy Roddy” Piper.

Matt reveals his character lineup for playing Police Academy with his brother!

Kirk creates the Varmel Universe© featuring War-Man© and Iron Machine©!

Doug finds a disturbing amount of common ground with Matt’s dad!

Next week: it’s Matt’s pick, and the extra-special 200th episode, the long awaited, much anticipated, mammarily exacerbated H.O.T.S.!

Treatment 196 – Cool World


We’ve all had crushes on cartoon characters at one point in our lives. But most of us don’t decide to make a movie about actually having sex with those characters. Then again, most of us aren’t Ralph Bakshi, the man whose mitts were all over the movie we’re discussing today…

Cool World

Matt is his usual, normal, everyday self!

Kirk is confused that the Noids in this movie aren’t constantly trying to destroy pizzas!

And special guest Abby Denson shares what it is like to have two husbands: a real one and a cartoon one!

Don’t forget to follow Abby on twitter and check out her awesome websites below:

Next week: Explore the deep animalistic recesses of the human psyche with us while a cute little monkey goes on a killing spree in the movie Monkey Shines!

Treatment 168 – Shock Treatment

shocktreatmentYou might be confused, but take a moment and read the title of the article again! This week, we close out Ladies Month or whatever we decided to call it, with guest Alison Abrams who chose a film with a slightly confusing title (at least to our listeners).

Shock Treatment

Yep…our second musical this month! And our third film this month with a music-heavy theme!! Ahhhh! This one is a supposed sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and boy does it come up short!

This Week: Alison goes to bat for Richard O’Brien and Jessica Harper, but clearly has no love for Jeremy Newson!! Doug has no love for anyone in this film!! Matt shares his love for Susan Saint James!!! And Marc gets shit for saying he kind of likes a song involving cross-dressing!!

Next Treatment: We kick off April’s Fools with the first in our comedy film lineup (chosen by you in the poll), Airplane II!!