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Treatment 216- The Craft

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 5.18.22 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-28 at 5.18.22 PM

This week, media personality and our first Twitter-verified guest, Drew Grant, comes by to discuss the casually racist, magic-infused, sexual assault scenario-fest that is…

The Craft!

Matt and Drew debate the ups and downs of The Love Spell!

Doug teaches the correct pronunciation of the word “coven”!

Matt divulges his worst witch fears!

Next week: Next week we get into some really creepy stuff like a grown man treated like a diaper-wearing baby when we cover The Baby.

Treatment 214 – Manhunter

manhunter-06We are again joined by one of our all-star alumni, Death and Taxes managing editor  Maggie Serota! As her pick, we take on another of The Keep director Michael Mann’s oeuvre, the thrilling, the chilling, the whole-family-blood-spilling…


Maggie drops controversial Hannibal Lector knowledge!

Doug somehow forces Matt to be the one keeping the discussion on point!

Matt creates the ultimate hybrid horror film/VH1 reality show!

Next week: The parade of returning champions continues with Alison Abrams, who will probably be working out some issues as we discuss Tank Girl!

Treatment 213- Society

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 5.17.27 PM
Not one, but two all-star guests step into The Matt and Doug Dick’s Dog Food Arena this week for a unlovely little movie about rich people sucking off the poor for nourishment. Literally. And figuratively. And Metaphorically. But mostly, literally. It is the creepfest known as


Abby Denson returns to launch The Floppy Hair Hall of Fame.

Marcus Pinn aka Guy Pinnland explains why he’s been requesting this movie for a year and a half.

Matt tries to overcome his fear of people getting transformed into things in movies and tv–and fails.

And Doug imagines the lifelong friendship between Kurt Russell and his stunt double.

Next Week: Maggie Serota returns to cover Michael Mann’s Manhunter!

Treatment 197 – Monkey Shines


This week, we speculate from whom George Romero draws his inspiration, learn about helter skelters, and occasionally talk about monkeys, when we polish up on our…

Monkey Shines

Special Guest Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner burns bridge after bridge among his former co-hosts and guests!

Kirk psychoanalyzes Jon with frightening accuracy!

Doug works toward getting Jon to curse him in song! (progress pending)

Next week: You picked the winner of 2014’s Schlocktober poll, and it’s a real slugfest: Night of the Creeps!


Treatment 185 – The Keep

the-keep-3Welcome to Schlock Treatment 185! This week the fellows venture down, down, down, into the interminably slow…

The Keep!

This week:

Matt reveals his favorite was movie and how many ZZ Top tickets are still available!

Doug enjoys garlic, but is still a vampire!

Kirk doesn’t know, but still creates a taco mess!

Next week: We go back to the Michael Dudikoff well once again, this time with the original AMERICAN NINJA!


Treatment 184 – Vamp


Once again we are Dougless, but that doesn’t stop us because on today’s episode we are joined by the fabulous Alison Abrams! And she has brought with her the underappreciated Grace Jones / Deedee Pfeiffer horror comedy:


This week: Matt teaches you what the Bat-Signal is and what that thing under your nose is called, Kirk tells you the best way to get your hands clean while pretending to be a werewolf, and Alison sheds some light on which foods can and cannot be used as an effective means of interpersonal communication.

On our next episode: We discuss baseball or demons or something while trying to uncover the secrets of The Keep!