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Treatment 254 – The Sixth Annual Schlockies

SchlockiesWith Christmas once again saved, it’s time for the Myspace Boyzzz to kick back and reflect on the year that was 2015. Yes, that grand annual tradition has come once again, as we bring you…

The Sixth Annual Schlockies!

Matt & Doug thank all of their incredible guests from 2015!

Matt shares all of his skeeved-out 2015 memories!

Doug has a lot of thoughts on nudity’s place!

Next time: There will be a week’s break in episodes, then we kick off 2016 with a DM from X and Jet Li with their thriller Cradle 2 the Grave!

Psst! Hey! Watch this thing!

Well, we’ve talked about it on the show before, I’ve gone on other podcasts to promote it, but it’s never actually been posted to the Schlock page… until now! Here’s the first scene of

Juan Johnson and the Warriors of Magic Time: Showdown in the Desert of Doom!

Doug and I wrote it. I spent years animating it. And it’s not even done yet! This is only the first scene! Later scenes will include the voices of some of your favorite podcasters (Matt, Doug, and Marc, to name a just a few), so get excited now because the final episode will probably be done in as little as 10 years from now!
OK, enough jibber jabber. Enjoy the cartoon, you ding dongs.

Roddy Piper Tribute Cast

piper011Things came up again this week, so we’ve delayed our regularly scheduled programming. Instead, due to his untimely passing, we’re doing a ten-bell salute to one of the all-time greats, a legend of entertainment in the ring and on the screen, Roddy Piper. To honor the Hot Rod, Doug and a selection of guests will be covering his classic B-movie “Hell Comes to Frogtown.”

Leave your comments below by 5pm 8/5 and they’ll be read in this episode.

Treatment 206 – The Fifth Annual Schlockies

SchlockiesThe Cool Sandwich Bros sobered up this week, since they had to reflect on a year of watching things like movies starring Hulk Hogan.  That doesn’t mean that they have a clue as to how they run their own podcast, though. But, as always, they bumble through, like a Tim Conway and Don Knotts picture featuring Dean Jones.

All the stars are here! You’ve seen the schlock, you’ve made your office betting pools, and the Vegas odds lean heavily in Paul Hogan’s favor for every category! Join us for this gala event, and the shocking conclusion to the 2014 season…

The Fifth Annual Schlockies!

Doug creates a vile, Garfield-themed cocktail!

Matt learns the secret of Pizza Hut’s youth!

Kirk delivers an earthshaking pronouncement!

Next week, a new year and a new era blasts off with another probably disastrous theme month: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot! Michael Keaton kicks off 2015, with the sequel to his smash superhero success, Batman Returns!

Inevitable Delays

closedDue to life happening, there will be no recording of Schlock Treatment this week. We hope to be back the week following, though, so stay tuned. In the meantime, why not take a tip from new listener Scary Miss Mary, and listen to our entire back catalog from the beginning? It takes about a week, it seems.