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Treatment 196 – Cool World


We’ve all had crushes on cartoon characters at one point in our lives. But most of us don’t decide to make a movie about actually having sex with those characters. Then again, most of us aren’t Ralph Bakshi, the man whose mitts were all over the movie we’re discussing today…

Cool World

Matt is his usual, normal, everyday self!

Kirk is confused that the Noids in this movie aren’t constantly trying to destroy pizzas!

And special guest Abby Denson shares what it is like to have two husbands: a real one and a cartoon one!

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Next week: Explore the deep animalistic recesses of the human psyche with us while a cute little monkey goes on a killing spree in the movie Monkey Shines!

Treatment 178 – Barbarella


We’re graced once more with the presence of Ms. Abby Denson, and she’s chosen a movie ripe for treatment. This week we present to you, from the archives of DinoRider LaRidus:


This week: Doug makes a horrible joke about harassing women (he’s not serious; don’t do it)! Matt teaches us about the “glass bottom boat!” Kirk starts an audio show with commands to shut up! Marc’s Monster Taxonomy bungles about until it’s saved by Abby!

Next Time: We answer some viewer concerns with Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon!

Treatment 153 – Jingle All the Way


It’s the first week of December 2013 Month of Holiday Schlock and we forgot to come up with a clever name for this month. But we’re not letting that oversight dampen our holiday spirit! And neither should you! Because this week we’re covering one hell of a nutcracker of a movie.

Jingle All the Way

That’s right, it’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger sort-of-superhero sort-of-comedy movie where an all-star cast boasting such names as Sinbad and Curtis Armstrong stand in the way of one father’s quest to buy his mopey kid a crappy toy for Christmas.

JINGLE YOUR BELLS as Kirk is so out of it he decides to announce what year we are in for some reason, but he gets it completely wrong!!!

ROAST YOUR CHESTNUTS OVER AN OPEN FIRE as Doug reveals his horrifying secret about how he spent his Thanksgiving break!!!

RUN GRANDMA OVER WITH A REINDEER as special guest Abby Denson starts a flame war with next week’s guest!!!

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NEXT WEEK: We will be joined by special guest Jonathan Valuckas to cover Knight Rider season 2, episode 12: Silent Knight!!!

Treatment 55 -The Crow

Grab your trench coat! Put on your black eye-makeup!! Dust off your razor blades, and commence cutting!! This week’s episode is going back to the 90s, and boy is it ever depressing!

The Crow

Yep, it’s that bastion of 90s pretension, starring Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee). In this show, we touch on the strange nature of the city in this film, the strange residents, the strange pass times, and the strange powers granted to this supposed superhero. We also stray way of topic on multiple occasions, so that’s fun. Eh….what’s the point. Life is so…LAME!

SIGH… as yet another episode gets off to a rocky start, thanks to Marc‘s ill-preparedness and bad jokes!!!

BE UNIMPRESSED… when Kirk makes an insightful comparison between The Crow and The Wraith, and Matt gets compared to Clint Howard!!!

ROLL YOUR EYES… as Doug is forced to call for a break due to Kirk bringing conversation to a racial place…again!!!

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Next Week: We go full-schlock, and return to TV with Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!!

Treatment 53 -The Shadow

This week is insane! We were lucky enough to convince Jon Cross, from The After Movie Diner podcast/website to join us this week. That means insightful discussion, keen analysis, and a wealth of cinema knowledge! Unfortunately, we talked him into joining us for a movie that doesn’t deserve any of this. But, somehow he still draws us into an hour and 20 minute, discussion!

The Shadow

The Shadow is based on the radio plays and pulp novels of the 1930s. It features a star-studded cast, who almost all find themselves in roles that are wholly unsuited for them. It wants to be Batman, but ends up closer to The Phantom.

CRINGE… in fear as Marc, Doug, Matt, and Jon cloud your mind with their heated discussion!!!

PUZZLE… along with Marc at good guys in evil lairs!!!

SCRUTINIZE… the formlessness of The Shadow‘s powers, as Jon notes that they are never outlined or defined in any meaningful way!!!

As usual, The Shadow is available on Netflix o Watch Instantly. You can also watch it for free on Amazon with your Prime membership. Find a link to that, the DVD, and the soundtrack in our store! Also be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and join us next week!

Next Week’s Treatment: Our first Bruce Lee film! Check out Game of Death for next time!