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Treatment 255 and a 1/2 – Ninja III: the Marcination

ninja-III-the-marcination-exorcismIn the middle of our last episode, our own former Marc McDonald popped in for a brief conversation. Here’s that bit of discussion of Ninja III: the Domination, the first movie deserving of two posts since She. No full episode this week, but we’ll return next week with our regularly scheduled programming.

Treatment 255 – Ninja III: The Domination

Ninja-III-Domination-1984We’re back after a three-week dry spell for this first podcast of 2016! Matt could unfortunately not join us, but we called in a pair of big guns for backup. A couple of regulars and old friends stop by to help us stand up to…

Ninja III: The Domination!

Abby picks up on the litany  of Golan-Globus’ “influences” behind their choices!

Marcus finds the scene that Roman Polanski ripped off from Ninja III!

Doug reminisces on days spent at the sword store!

Next time: No show next week again, but then we’ll get to the DMX classic, Cradle 2 the Grave!

Treatment 242 – Rocky IV

screenshot32606This week, we hit the ring with some very special guests! There was no other way to close out the knockdown, drag-out bout that was Stallonetember than to bring in Maggie Serota and Danielle Henderson and go mano a mano with…

Rocky IV!

Danielle lives out loud and reveals a shocking tattoo!

Maggie gets spiritual with Rocky, and Matt learns the meaning of Christmas!

Doug sends a special message to Mr. Gorbachev!

Next week: Stallonetember, AKA the best month in history, is behind us, and Schlocktober kicks in! You’ve heard us talk about this series, and next week we get into it: Friday the 13th! We’re recovering episodes Cupid’s Quiver and Faith Healer!

Treatment 226 – The Human Tornado (aka Dolemite 2)

Grindhouse_Human Tornado_1 Listen up, you no-business, born-insecure, junkyard suckas! We’re out of Beverly Hills, and into South Central Los Angeles, but we didn’t come alone. Riding shotgun on this journey is Guy Pinnland, AKA Marcus Pinn of the Pinnland Empire! We’re gonna put our weight on it, when we tackle the Nerve-shattering …Brain-battering …Mind-splattering…

The Human Tornado!

The Home Shopping Network tears us apart over custom knives vs. mint grade baseball cards!

Tickets to Paradise shower down for eternity!

M. Night Shyamalan muscles in on our operation!

Next week: Matt’s going back into the field on assignment to Beverly Hills, so Doug will be joined by an all-star cast of friends for Stephen King’s Thinner!

Treatment 222 – Contemporary Gladiator (aka Iron Thunder)

ti100712_largeThe return of Kirk hails one of the most inexplicable movies we’ve ever seen. It’s only natural (by his standards) that Kirk brings us the weirdest stuff, and this time it’s…

Contemporary Gladiator!

Kirk kicks into deep Anthony “Amp” Elmore knowledge!

Matt breaks the story on Don Imus’s long lost twin brother!

Doug taps into a new layer of empathy for Amp!

Next week: We venture back into the high-tech world of robutics, when we program ourselves to watch. D.A.R.Y.L.!

Treatment 180 – Johnny Mnemonic


Happy Day of the Dolphin! Put on your dumb virtual reality helmet and get ready to listen to Doug, Matt, and Kirk rap future-style about the classic cyberpunk pile of cyberjunk known as just…

Johnny Mnemonic

In this episode we also discuss:
– Wendigos!
– Manitous!
– Bigfeet!
– Abominables!
Marc McDonalds!

Next Time: Special guest Maggie Serota returns for her third visit to bring us the infamous 1982 slasher film The Slumber Party Massacre!