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Treatment 250 – Labyrinth

peeing gifWe’re all together again for the holidays, and like all other families, it’s nice…on paper. Yes, as promised, the boys are back for a Thanksgiving like never before. Marc and Kirk swing by to help celebrate 250 episodes of this podcast with a real treat. Instead of football after the turkey, we tuned into…


Marc gets roped into a taxonomy classification!

Kirk breaks The Pick-up Arists’s code!

Matt drops an intense theory as to what this movie means!

Doug defends Superman’s economic status!

Next week: We kick off the second half of the holiday season with The Visitor!

**For reference to this week’s references, visit our YouTube channel.**

Treatment 249- Monster Squad


We are at episode 249, people! One classic episode away from hitting 250. Over five years of work have gone into this trash heap. And like your uncle hitting the Gibley’s Gin at noon on an empty stomach before the turkey is served, the Myspace Boys return to ruin another childhood favorite…


Matt cannot stand the antici………………….

Doug tries to figure out Rudy’s motivation for wanting to hang out with kids well younger than he is.

Plus Matt and Doug unveil the newest iteration of WHO WOULD YOU BALLOON!

Next week: The entire original cast of Schlock Treatment (Kirk, Marc, Doug, Matt) unite for the 250 extravaganza to bring down David Bowie’s junks in Labyrinth.

……..pation for 250!

Treatment 248 – Gremlins


Like your drunken parents fighting over grandma’s casual racism at the Thanksgiving table, we’re back to ruin more of your fondest memories*! This week’s targets include DM(X), Myspace, Balloonman, your childhood, and of course…


Matt critiques high school Gremlin studies!

Doug shares his own microwave horror story!

Matt and Doug mete out justice in a new regular segment!

Next week: The creature carnage of Gremlins flows over into The Monster Squad!

*Void in Canada, where Thanksgiving is held in the wrong month.

Treatment 247- Back to the Future


For November, Matt and Doug have decided to destroy all of everyones’ childhood favorites just like your family did around the Thanksgiving dinner table. To start off us, we’re going to go back in time to the future with…

Back to the Future!!

Doug ruins the career of Huey Lewis!

Matt breaks down why Back to the Future ruins the life of Lorraine McFly!!

Next week: Next up on the chopping block is Gremlins. It is toast.

Treatment 243- Friday the 13th: The Series S1E3 / S1E12

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 12.02.26 PM

Welcome to Schlocktober, The Matt and Doug Show edition. Since neither Doug or Matt like Schlocktober, we’re going to to do this Cool Sandwich Bros-style. We may not even cover one horror movie the whole month. But we will be the lovable morons that you have come to love to love. We’re kicking it off with a visit to the Curious Goods Shoppe in

Friday the 13th: The Series, S1E3- Cupid’s Quiver / S1E12- Faith Healer!


Matt and Doug break down what may be the most creepily misogynistic episode of television ever broadcast over the airwaves!

And then some weird Cronenberg body-stuff that Matt also hates!

Next week: Schlocktober rolls on with a double-header of cartoon horror, when we cover Alvin & the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein and Alvin & the Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman!

Treatment 242 – Rocky IV

screenshot32606This week, we hit the ring with some very special guests! There was no other way to close out the knockdown, drag-out bout that was Stallonetember than to bring in Maggie Serota and Danielle Henderson and go mano a mano with…

Rocky IV!

Danielle lives out loud and reveals a shocking tattoo!

Maggie gets spiritual with Rocky, and Matt learns the meaning of Christmas!

Doug sends a special message to Mr. Gorbachev!

Next week: Stallonetember, AKA the best month in history, is behind us, and Schlocktober kicks in! You’ve heard us talk about this series, and next week we get into it: Friday the 13th! We’re recovering episodes Cupid’s Quiver and Faith Healer!