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Treatment 199 – Head (The Monkees)

We kick off the second annual Thanks but No Thanks with Doug’s pick, the trippy, wacky, kicky, daffy feature film debut and demise of the Monkees…


We also tackle TV law grammar, Dicks/Tudyks maths, and, in a new feature, we’re keeping track of pro wrestlers referenced per podcast. This week’s is really stacked, featuring, in order of mention: Al Snow, Mankind, the Undertaker, Yokozuna, Mulk Mogan (the guy in the Lucy and Ramona video), Hulk Hogan, and “Rowdy Roddy” Piper.

Matt reveals his character lineup for playing Police Academy with his brother!

Kirk creates the Varmel Universe© featuring War-Man© and Iron Machine©!

Doug finds a disturbing amount of common ground with Matt’s dad!

Next week: it’s Matt’s pick, and the extra-special 200th episode, the long awaited, much anticipated, mammarily exacerbated H.O.T.S.!

Treatment 178 – Barbarella


We’re graced once more with the presence of Ms. Abby Denson, and she’s chosen a movie ripe for treatment. This week we present to you, from the archives of DinoRider LaRidus:


This week: Doug makes a horrible joke about harassing women (he’s not serious; don’t do it)! Matt teaches us about the “glass bottom boat!” Kirk starts an audio show with commands to shut up! Marc’s Monster Taxonomy bungles about until it’s saved by Abby!

Next Time: We answer some viewer concerns with Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon!

Treatment 150 – Godzilla’s Revenge

GodzillaRWe’re back for installment number two of our Thanks, But NO Thanks series (going on all November). It’s Kirk‘s turn, and being the fine, upstanding citizen he is, he noticed a deficiency and corrected for it. He picked our first Godzilla film!!

Godzilla’s Revenge

It’s the story of a small boy, who fantasizes about monsters to escape the drudgery of post-war Japan! It’s too boring being kidnapped by bank-robbers, bullied at school, and living next-door to a whacky toymaker!! Time to go to sleep and dream of rubber monsters and their goofy kids!

CRASH… into Kirk, when he reveals the his fondness for characters who do the weirdest stuff!!!

SLAM… a stack of fun, when Doug and Matt bring the miner impressions yet again, but this time out of spite!!!

HEAD BUTT…. the rock volleyed at you by the giant lobster of despair, when Marc rolls out his catchphrase and gets big laughs!!!

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Next Treatment: Marc steps up to the plate and pitches the horrifying schlock classic ROAD HOUSE! It’s Swayzelicious!

Treatment 141 – Planet of the Apes (’68)

ApeLawHey, hey the gang’s all here!

This week finds the whole Schlock Treatment gang together again! Reunited and it feels so good! But don’t worry, it all falls apart pretty quickly, with penis shaming, yelling about ” yes anding,” and  willful grossing out! The good news is that the movie is a cinematic classic (though still pretty schlocky)!

Planet of the Apes

Charlton Heston finally gets his due, as we discuss his scene-chewing performance, Linda Harrison, and the plot of this very confusing flick!

CRASH… into us, as we talk about penises, Dolph Lundgren‘s cum, and eating out decaying corpses!!!

ESCAPE… from your troubles, when we discuss mix tapes, geography, and relativity!!!!

CRY OUT IN ANGUISH… when the show features ten minutes of vamping about Mathlock!!!

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Next Treatment: Join us in two weeks (we’re taking a week off) when we continue our ape/monkey theme by watching the 70s remake of King Kong!!

Treatment 134 – Battlestar Galactica 78 / Star Trek:TOS

SummerRerunsIt’s week two of our month-long television extravaganza that we’re calling Summer Reruns! Yes, we’re watching the cheesiest episodes of some of the funnest TV shows of the 60s, 70s, and 80s!

Battlestar Galactica 78 / Star Trek:TOS

Battlestar turns out to be a bit of a snore-fest, as we watch Baltar’s Escape from Season 1. Though some of us are surprised that it takes itself a bit more seriously than we expected! Then we swing into high gear, with the Season 1 Star Trek:TOS episode Devil in the Dark!

TRANSPORT… yourself, as Matt kick’s off the first ever episode of Cool Sandwich Bros, and Marc reveals what his gym teacher used to call him in Junior High!!!

WARP… your reality into one that’s slightly better, when Doug reads the listeners’ favorite TV Show themes, and much bad singing ensues!!!

NAVIGATE… the amazing course of a Schlock Treatment conversation, as Kirk actually tries to write material, Matt starts talking about chickens, the characters of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether are brought about, and Doug drops some Robear Burble knowledge!!

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Next Week: More Summer Reruns, but this time in the form of cartoons! We’re talking GI Joe (Once Upon a Joe), and Jem and the Holograms (Journey Through Time)!!!

Treatment 95 – Wild in the Streets

Hey, man! Like some of you cats have been fast and loose with the system! You may think you got the brains, but you got nothin. You’re nothing but a bunch of oldsters trying to figure out which way to face your wheelchairs!! Well, don’t sweat it, baby! We’re gonna fix it so you’re in fat city! Schlock Treatment has the juice for all you mods and rockers out there!

Wild in the Streets

This week’s flick is a political scare piece from the 60s, about youth running amok, and befouling the sacred institution that is the vote! We thought it was apt, what with election season coming up, and our own little vote (for Schlocktober) coming to a close. See those crazy kids take over the means of government and force all the old fogeys  (like 35 year-olds) into LSD retirement homes! The horror!!

LIKE, COOL IT, BABY… when you hear songs like 14 or Fight, Heart and Soul, Little Bit of Soul, Out in the Streets, and so many more sung (badly) on the show!!!

FREAK OUT… as you hear us uncover a sinister conspiracy to hide Australian/Austrian Reptilian Aliens from the public!!!

STICK IT TO THE MAN… by joining Marc, Matt, and Kirk as they discuss the television landscape if there were no old people!!!

As always, Wild in the Streets is available on Netflix Instant. This one also just happens to be streaming free for Prime members on Amazon, find it listed in our store! Then be sure to head to iTunes and rate the podcast. We like 5 star ratings, and read them on the show. Also, make sure you subscribe, so you can join us for SCHLOCKTOBER!

Next Week: The results of the Schlocktober Poll are in, and are revealed on the show. We also do our tiebreaker vote, and reveal C.H.U.D as the movie chosen for Schlocktober Week 1!! See you then!