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Treatment 200- H.O.T.S.

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How do you celebrate 200 episodes? What if you realize you’ve been doing a bad movie podcast for over four years of your life? Do you burn it all down? Hell no, you kick it up a notch to unseen heights with a movie they swore you would never do…


We reminisce about all the great stuff we’ve done so far on the show!

Doug is crowned as the most-likely-to-have-been-on-the-most-episodes, possibly but probably.

Matt discusses his time as the #1 draft pick of the Malaysian Gluers.

Kirk demands that Neil deGrasse Tyson fact checks the hot air balloon science in this movie.

Also, the surprise of a lifetime that cannot be revealed in a spoiler.

Next week: it’s Kirk pick in Thanks But No Thanks But Go F-Yourself with Robocop III!

Treatment 162 – Brotherhood of Death

brotherhoodofdeathOnce in a while, on Schlock Treatment, we choose a film thinking it will be something campy and fun to talk about, but the film turns out to be different. Sometimes, it’s just awful. Sometimes, it’s really good. In this case, at least according to some (namely me, the guy who runs this show),  the subject matter is just not a laughing matter.

Brotherhood of Death

On it’s face, this looks like a Blaxploitation revenge picture that should entertain on that level. What this film actually is seemed to be up for debate, but debate it we did…and managed to only offend a little in the process.

On This Week’s Show: The guys are stumped, as Marc wavers on this film as joke material, Kirk wonders why there are four K’s in the KKK billboard, Doug recommends giving Schloxploitation a miss in favor of a fan favorite, and Matt freaks out about our film choices!

Next Week: After much debate, we continue Schloxploitation with One Down, Two To Go, starring Fred Williamson in what we hope is a fun, action-filled flick.

Treatment 161 – Friday Foster

FridayFosterSchloxploitation month continues, as we shift our focus from Isaac Hayes to the amazing Pam Grier! We bring in a special guest, Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner, to talk all things Grier!

Friday Foster

This flick has sexy Pam Grier, super cool Yaphet Kotto, and so much more! There are shootouts, car chases, pimps, garbage trucks backing over phone booths, horny priests, and the list goes on and on!

On This Episode: Jon shares his stories about Pam Grier touching his beard, his thoughts on the blaxploitation genre, his idea for a new exploitation genre about Brits, his love for Thalmus Rasulala, his jokes about jerk-off creme, his fondness for Live and Let Die, and so much more!!! Kirk is ginger, and tries to be supportive! Marc coughs a lot and rants about Matt’s absence! And Doug tries to get a word in edgewise!

Next Week: We carry on discussing schloxploitation gems with Brotherhood of Death!!!

Treatment 160 – Truck Turner

MackTruckTurnerAwwwww yeah, it’s time for some Schloxploitation! Yep, it’s Febuary, and in honor of Black History Month, we’re covering all African-American films from the 1970s (sometimes collectively referred to as Blaxploitation films). And we’re starting it off right with a great film featuring some of our favorite black actors, like Yaphet Kotto, Nichelle Nichols, and Isaac Hayes!!

Truck Turner

This flick has all the requisite blaxploitation ingredients, like goofy pimp outfits, but still manages to just be an excellent action film! There’s drama, intrigue, action, suspense, and badassery!

This week on the show: Doug finally gets to use his “Scott Bakula” joke in association with the film Blackula, despite the fact that we can no longer cover Blackula. Marc is sick, and coughs a lot. Kirk botches his David Bowie impression. And Matt does his “Rockfish”, “Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson”, and “Marc is from Germany” bits………..again.

Next Week: Schloxploitation month continues, this time with special guest Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner Podcast, to discuss Pam Grier in Friday Foster!!!


Treatment 145 – Piranha ’78

PiranhaActionHooray! It’s SCHLOCKTOBER!!!

And, as is our tradition, we watch a slew of awful horror films that you, the listener, selected in our Schlocktober Poll! And who could possibly not be excited, happy, and looking forward to such a fun thing?!? Well, Matt, of course. But who besides Matt? Nobody! So without further ado, your fourth place film from the poll!

Piranha ’78

Yes, it’s yet another killer animal film from the seventies!! Man, did they have issues with nature back then, or what?!? Anyway, this one’s all about killer fish, and features lots of people making very stupid decisions. Also, some occasional boobs, and some occasional fish making “nom nom” noises as they devour people.

DIVE… into an amazing mailbag segment that’s full of people talking all about Creep Van, for some weird reason!!!

WADE… right off the deep end, when the guys discuss how to kill fish, and Doug consults General Electric!!!

SINK… your teeth into yet another episode where Matt criticises Kirk, Marc criticizes Matt, and Kirk consults “Genital Electric!!!”

This week’s movie is available streaming on Netflix, if you want to check it out. Also, if you’re enjoying the podcast, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE on iTunes! Also, drop us a rating, while you’re at it! Every rating helps us to get noticed by other listeners. If you’re a Stitcher user, be sure to favorite us!

Next Week: We head into week 2 of Schlocktober, and the 3rd place winner, Dreamscape!

Treatment 144 – The Mighty Peking Man

MIGHTYPEKINGMANAnd so-called “Simian-tember” ends with a wimper and not a bang. That wimper being a guy in an ape suit, stomping a bunch of cardboard models of Hong Kong.

The Mighty Peking Man

Yep, it’s a giant ape movie that came just one year after the King Kong flick we just covered a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure that’s a total coincidence, and not a cheesy ripoff from the creative geniuses over at Shaw Brothers! Don’t let it’s temporal placement fool you, though, because this version is double the fun, triple the sexiness, and quintuple the action of it’s American counterpart!

STOMP… your way through the mail-bag segment, where Kirk screws up the mailbag with his usual panache!!!

SWING… on a vine of joy, as Marc is out-nerded by Matt, and manages to erroneously declare Matt’s syllogism to be unsound!!!

FALL… to a gentle death from a hundred-story building, when Doug returns to the show and has the manliest voice-cracking episode ever!!!

You can watch The Mighty Peking Man on Netflix, and if you’re a fan of Godzilla or King Kong, it’s worth a watch. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the show, maybe even SUBSCRIBE…instead of listening to the show from this website?!? I dunno…seems simple enough. DO IT! If you’re anti-iTunes, then head to Stitcher, and add us to your favorites!!

Next Week: SCHLOCKTOBER ’13 makes it’s amazing debut!! We kick the month off with the first of the films that won the Schlocktober Poll, Piranha!!!