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Treatment 260- Darkman

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The Matt and Doug Show Myspace Boyz continues Superhero Month with Sam Raimi’s pre-Spiderman superhero adventure…


Matt & Doug break down what Airplane Mode even means.

Matt has his greatest Balloonman choice ever.

Doug whips out a killer Liam Neeson impression.

Next week: We wanted to do something OLD so we went back to the ’80s for the Lee Majors made-for-tv-movie Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land!

Treatment 256- Cradle 2 the Grave

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Matt and Doug, Doug and Matt. The MySpace Boyz r back one month into the New Year to finally cover this movie they said they’d cover six weeks ago:

Cradle 2 the Grave!

Doug unveils his most incredible character yet: Inspector Gadget as played by Dennis Farina!

Matt updates the fans on what he’s been up to the last four weeks including the Horse Drowning League All-Star game!

Next time: We’re joined by the old third-wheel Kirk Howle to cover the Dolph Lundgren / Courteney Cox classic Masters of the Universe.

Treatment 252- Santa With Muscles

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Mr. Podcast himself, Jon Cross, from The After Movie Diner comes by to discuss the Wolf of Wall Street produced, Hulk Hogan starring, Mila Kunis-introducing 1996 Christmas classic


Doug explains many jokes!

Matt uncovers the unfair treatment of Garrett Moris!

Jon loves this movie!

Next week: We’re moving on with the Christmas spirit with Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas!

Treatment 249- Monster Squad


We are at episode 249, people! One classic episode away from hitting 250. Over five years of work have gone into this trash heap. And like your uncle hitting the Gibley’s Gin at noon on an empty stomach before the turkey is served, the Myspace Boys return to ruin another childhood favorite…


Matt cannot stand the antici………………….

Doug tries to figure out Rudy’s motivation for wanting to hang out with kids well younger than he is.

Plus Matt and Doug unveil the newest iteration of WHO WOULD YOU BALLOON!

Next week: The entire original cast of Schlock Treatment (Kirk, Marc, Doug, Matt) unite for the 250 extravaganza to bring down David Bowie’s junks in Labyrinth.

……..pation for 250!

Treatment 247- Back to the Future


For November, Matt and Doug have decided to destroy all of everyones’ childhood favorites just like your family did around the Thanksgiving dinner table. To start off us, we’re going to go back in time to the future with…

Back to the Future!!

Doug ruins the career of Huey Lewis!

Matt breaks down why Back to the Future ruins the life of Lorraine McFly!!

Next week: Next up on the chopping block is Gremlins. It is toast.

Treatment 246- Next

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.20.35 PM

Because Matt and Doug hate Schlocktober, we reserve the right to pause it at any given moment. So it is a happy coincidence that CT of  Nerd Lunch finally made his way to New York and headed down to Schlock Treatment headquarters to join us for the Nic Cage time-bending, Philip K. Dick based…


CT joins us for the first time!

Kirk is back!

Doug poses his Unified Theory of Nicolas Cage in Las Vegas Movies!

Matt talks about how he invented trolling in an AOL dos chatroom.

Next week: For November. we’re determined to destroy your childhood just like your family does over the Thanksgiving dinner table…ONE CLASSIC MOVIE AT A TIME. First up, we’re going after the very topical Back to the Future starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.